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And no, I don't care if you think I'm overpriced. I know how to price myself the way I want myself to be priced and that's all I need to know.

My username is pronounced JOO-BREH!

If I intended to be called DJ for the rest of my life, I would have written my username as DJ Ubre; I do understand the function of spaces and capital letters. Calling me "DJ" only indicates that you're a moron so don't do it.

Taking my giant German Shepherd-shaped ego Hugo seriously (yes, it has a name! It sleeps under the same roof as me after all, though there's times he's had to sleep outside because he couldn't fit through the doorway) also indicates that your mental power is somewhat lacking, and as such, I refer you to my media in hopes you get it one day smile

Lyrics to Armani:

Listen up my people,
Everything looks good on me
'Cause I'm wearing white Armani
Gucci dresses me
Pissed off are my enemies
'Cause I've got expensive undies
(They are Versace's)

With a fine limousine
Good wine I'm drinking
They all riot against me
But what can I do?
God can't even touch me

Kissing all fine ladies
From television series!
My own world tour maps I'm sharing
And having fun celebrating

My shirts are clean always
Never wear the same thing twice
And my shoes complete with spurs
Are made from fine Tiger furs
The girls all go wild
From my Rolex made from gold
That's why Halle Berry
Wants me to marry!

But what can I do?
God can't even touch me

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