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Tovin Report | 10/30/2009 11:44 am
Tovin Followed
IXI_Dark_Dante_IXI Report | 10/17/2009 9:29 am
np mate ^^
IXI_Dark_Dante_IXI Report | 10/17/2009 2:45 am
happy birthday mate ^^
IMartian IManhunter Report | 09/15/2009 7:07 pm
IMartian IManhunter
Sorry to make your profile so messy with large blocks of pictures.
You can delete my posts if you want.
Here's what your post of information looks like:
It has come to my attention that there are now scams out there telling users that they have won the lotto and their username and password is required for them to receive gold.
This is a fraud, you can easily determine if you won or not by checking your private messages, and checking the lotto tab of your aquarium.

You should never give anyone your password, not even if the account in question is a moderator.

I'm placing this here because it's been quite prevalent around gaia and it's user.
I'm hoping a Gaia Moderator or Admin reads this and makes an important announcement about such scams.

This post was quoted from DJaymes, who has given permission to use in the guild to read.
This is a new scam to watch out for.
Please don't give out your password if someone claims you've won an award or a reward for any contest, selection, or reason listed.
IMartian IManhunter Report | 09/15/2009 6:55 pm
IMartian IManhunter
Bye, thanks.
IMartian IManhunter Report | 09/15/2009 6:46 pm
IMartian IManhunter
I'll have to take a picture.
But thanks for letting me use your stuff to quote, yay.
IMartian IManhunter Report | 09/15/2009 6:29 pm
IMartian IManhunter
The guild is a private guild, so I'm not allowed to open it to anyone except people that are in the family, or friends with the family.
I used to have a forum section that was based on nothing but details of how to avoid being scammed, but people started posting junk all over it.
So it's okay to use your information, even though I can't send you the link to the guild?
IMartian IManhunter Report | 09/15/2009 6:11 pm
IMartian IManhunter
Aw, sorry.
It's a private guild, so others can't read what we say about ourselves.
littlecoro Report | 08/24/2009 12:31 pm
lol ok xD
littlecoro Report | 08/24/2009 9:50 am
oh i see :O then i shouldn't send you any anymore ;_;?



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