User Image As far as you are concerned, my name is Sita. I've been on Gaia since June of '05. I'm probably very likely older than you. I go to school so I can do the things I want. My interests include Neil Gaiman books, Animals (this includes creepy crawlies and scary s**t except for Giant Squid), Music (Im partial to groups you've probably never heard of but dont ******** call me indie), and Television Shows that managed to fail for no apparent reason.

I lurk lurk lurk. I break that habit by occasionally posting in the GD and GCD. Very occasionally. I can also occasionally be persuaded to RP but thats likely to not happen. Unless you are capable of posting more than half a sentence.

Im not impressed by a whole lot of things. Although I do love Tin Fol...
And Pizza.


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The Dark Point

It's all about me, baby.



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I learn from the master wink . -bows-
They got a forum set up for features and whatnot that need to be worked on and the community can vote on what gets top priority.You should check it out if you want.

Report | 06/20/2010 8:42 am


=throws trash out out window on top of her-
Oh I'm sorry I didn't see you down there you very ugly creature.Hm...do I know you?

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....why does everyone want to try to be like country gonk ? This place sucks,borrow our s**t and make it work for yourselves,don't try to copy it.And switching to a private healthcare system is not a good idea,it's the reason why thrings are so screwed up over here now.The only reason they want to do that is because many of those healthcare companies would be making alot of cash than they are now.The reason I asked is because there's been a healthcare reform debate going on for the past few months.They got a plan in line,and from what I read it might work,but it's still no where near to what Britain has,which from what I talked to a friend who lives there about,is really good.The reason I asked is because I want to get an idea of how the healthcare system in some other developed countries work due to the fact that alot of folks over here are acting completely stupid about something they do not have a firm grasp on.And could you be abit broader about how your system works? How much do you have to make for trips to the doctor? How long do you have to wait at the hospital or for an operation to be done? That short of thing.

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So that's why I have an undying love for that gutrot.I've had to get my liver replaced twice because of you scream !
That's what I've been doing too,minus the partying hard.It's more like trying to sleep as much as I can.Also,I want to talk to you about your healthcare system,because apparently trying alot of the ******** here in the states think trying to change it is going to mean the end of society,using guns,and belittling people who aren't white or american.

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You...you....YOU ABANDONED ME ; A;!!! OMG I HATE YOU BETCH!!!11!!!

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....balls,you got s**t weather too.What the hell is Mother Nature doing? Trying to kill us and have a joke at the same time?
You're a hero? I thought you just fail alot.
You know I totally forgot about that xd .You guys do have paper currency,just that it's different than ours.Alot different.
I has a new game 3nodding .
Jazin Kay

Report | 05/28/2009 7:44 pm

Jazin Kay

:3 <3

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I know right? Unfortunately I can't do that right now,I've been on an outfit making trip trying to make hero(ine) outfits.
....say wha? How come everyone else gets to see your no-nos except me?
And what does it have to be a southern thing? I don't even sound like a hick .__. .
Isn't it still partial cold up there or are you guys getting some of this murderous heat too? Well cept for the rain we've been getting down here in the south,but it's just making it hotter after it stops raining.

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Aslo our outfits look like create-a-fighter bases for Soul Calibur.Sweet.

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That's what she said....and then I came in her face [insert awesome face here].
Bleeeeeeeeecccccccccck.Life sucks and then s**t happens,what else is new? You o' whorish one?


You're not the only one who's life is a piece of s**t.
And yet miraculously somehow we all to seem deal with it.