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Yea Its Da Dude Dizzy D In This Thing Wrkin On My Music Doin These Sports Reppin Dat Purple Nd Gold 4 My Team Nd Lovin My Sweets 2 Death Im Out Ya Digg
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Diz Is Me Ya Boi Dizzy D
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Im Official
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Kid La Breezy
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Wiffe Wus [x]
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Yew Already Know Its Keith Wiffe Mrs.Henderson in dis Bi2h Lol Jp But Yea He Been My Luv SCINCE[ 716010] The Bes Love Out There I Rember The First Day I Met Keith And Day I Feel In Love With Him Wait ..... Wasent Thad The Day i met Him Lol jp But Yea He All That I Could Eva Want He Got all That I Need And He Tells Me What I Wanna Hear i Mean He Can Rap Sing And A BUnch of Otha Stuff that will get yaw tah haten ~Smiles He Got Thee Sexiest Smile I Eva Seen wink Danm Lol - he is the Bestfriend i neva had we have so much fun together acten lk liddol kids on this shidd lol and plus tah top it off he got a poppen personality And Plus He Aww Mines Dahs Mah Hun. First Song We Fell in Luv To[There Goes Mah Baby USher] Every thing so touching i rember and plus every night that we talk on the phone is a dream.. i could have never asked god for a better guy this him he is my love my life my world my hommi lover and bes friend and to any b***h that try to take him ******** wit him or talk tah him i will cut yo a22 and that goes out Tah That IslandSluttyest b***h Lol U Had Yo Chance ******** Up He MineS lOL JUST REMBER THAT HOES He Is MINE <3 Grabbs Keith Kisse~ Luv Mah Bae!!! Status [x]Taken[ ]single
Luv Mah Hun 2 Death Luv Yu Sweets~4 eva bae heart

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DizzyD The Boss

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Sweets (Wink Wink) LMAO

Wat I Vybe 2

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DizzyD The Boss
DizzyD The Boss

Its Drew Rite Here Always Got His Back

Dis Dat Swagged Out Dude U Know Him As C Bleezy

Raccon Ninja My Other Bro Da Crazy 1 Out Da Crew Who Still Got Dat Game 4 Da Ladies

Dis Da Lady Killer D Brown Aka Buck U Mess Wit Him U Gone Get Hurt

Dis My Family U Dnt Touch Them Or We Will Have Problems

Nd 4 Da Ladies We All Specialize In Treatin Yall The Way Yall Deserved 2 Be Treated And Makin U Feel Great So Kno 1 Thing If U Tryin Get At Any Of Us U Made A Right Choice

Miss Me Gaia Its Ya Boy D I Double Last Letter Y. While U Been Playin Wit Ya Balls i Been Makin Music Wrkin On Gettin my Name In Lights Hadn't Tlk 2 My Babe Nd I While But Its Still Love In Da Air Ya Digg

Dis Dat Boi U Love 2 Love, Love 2 Hate, Hate 2 Love, And Hate 2 Hate, Dizzy Aka #60 For Them WBECHS Warriorz Purple And Gold Babbbby

Diz My Boi Lil Rham Doin It Big In Da 843

Diz My Boi Kidd All Wayz Catering 2 The Ladies But On Sum Real Stuff This My Boi Got Him No Matta Wat (No Homo)

Dis My Boi Sync He Doin His Thing 2 He Gtta Mixtape On Da Way Called No Comment