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Anime currently crazy about : Gintama.

About Me
Well To start off...
Welcome to my profile!
My name is Vivian...
I am Vietnamese,
I am a very nice (some what weird) person
But if you get on my nerves I'll kill you...
And I will some times comment back if you comment me.
I go to the chatterbox, anime forum and maybe avatar talk a lot.
If you want to be my friend,just add me,but send a pm first :3
I have some likes and dislikes.(like every living thing)
Oh and I have some rules.

Cookies/Sweets/Pocky's >.>
Nice people
Random Comments
Being weird
Weird People
Being Drawn
Donations <3

Bitter Things
People who don't give me a comment. (when they visit.)

Always Comment when you visit my profile~
No arguments or fights.
Last and Most important rule.
Don't break my rules.

Your junk. :]

People Who have Donated
Riku_Temari ~ 1000g (first donater) heart
~Lemon-Angelcake~ .~. 3000g heart
DenialsNOTaRiver~Fireflower heart ♥♥♥
AsianPrincess1124~Starter Shirt heart
AciD_DIppEd_WaFfLeS~1000g (won tektek contest) heart
Kiwiz_and_strawberryz~A flower and 15 tokens heart
Kittra ~ 500g (won tektek contest) heart
Zenphor ~Thank-you letter for June 2005! heart heart ♥♥♥♥
Motto133 ~ a lot Junk heart
Screamsicle ~ 2k6 boots heart
FairedConfused ~ Thank-you letter for August 2007 heart x 100
Mysterious Person who donated 2 letters. heart heart ♥♥♥
Satu Giri` ~ 2k (this helped me get my whip thank-you!!) heart
ButterflyxEffects ~ Doll ears,Blue torque Shades,Romani glasses and other accesories. (all together its about 17k) thanks! heart heart
Darkness Awakened ~ 2750 (zomg thank-you) heart
blue_angelz75 ~ Celeb Date (unexpected O.O Thank-you!!) heart
Darkeyes Curtis ~ Cutie Chicky Thank-you heart

Avi Art
Made by M!DOR!
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Made by Raixni
Its sooo cute xD especially the dizzy panda XD
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Made by Marblez
Its soo cute xD
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Made by Aklesa
I love this style.!!
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Made by Kumei_16
Wheres meh glasses?
Joking or kidding <3
Its nice
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Made by Madelynna
Teehee xD
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Dream Avis
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Total Value: 286,948 Gold

- Yes; that's how much it would've cost in 2007. But now? A lot more.

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Kontra K

Report | 04/15/2011 9:37 pm

Kontra K

Nice name Hehehe

Report | 08/06/2010 5:58 pm


Dizzy! I freaking miss talking to you.

Do you remember me?
I ran by your profile again when I was going through
my mules and I ran into your name/account.

You still have the same video that scared the shiz out of me
before aha, I wonder if you still play gaia?

Report | 03/19/2010 12:05 pm


For me.. French is AMAZING.~~ (:
Don't give up on it if you really wanna take the course next year!
A little FYI, my english teacher failed 4 years of HS math and his teachers even asked his daddy to sign a not that says he'll never touch math ever again. o.o
but in the end, it was just the TEACHERS' teaching styles that made it hard for him to understand.
so just goes to show you... *nod nod*

get nekkid? very nicee.
thank you! 'cuz i think i'll stay on gaia for a bit longer.. it's my only connection with my old friends, as you can see. 3nodding

I'll pm it. =)
A lot safer i guess.. lol
I'm sorta paranoid on the internet.

Report | 03/19/2010 10:42 am


Procrastination is not an easy thing to cure..
Try relating to your subjects that you're either studying or doing homework for.
Think of something you'd love to have come true and make yourself think that you'll get whatever you want once you're done. 3nodding
^ not much help, but that's what i do ^

Sure. 4laugh
You sure you don't wanna play anymore? ):

Report | 03/18/2010 8:41 am


Yeah, I still play. ;P
I've been good.. just loaded with HS homework.

Report | 09/12/2009 2:19 pm


your vid stills cares me after all these months D:

Report | 04/20/2009 4:08 am


i has a lot of faves, can't number em' lol, i'm addicted to sweets, really (:, but prefer of fruit shakes or shakes such as vanilla, chocolate, and starwberry :d.
btw, can i add you up?

Report | 04/19/2009 3:56 pm


Feeling sorry for your friend now.
Although it happened to me too..

Gossip keeps everyone entertained.
At least, except for the people that are being gossiped about, obviously.

17 Again?
I haven't seen it before, all I know is that I might want to see it.. rofl

Report | 04/19/2009 12:51 am


i ate several food , lawl ,. well actually for now, i want shakes, ahah, me? i definitely love arts,but i'm not good at drawing, or somthing, but if you'll design stuff, i'm definitely go for it, i love scrapbooking, xDD, mayonnaise? hm, never taken it since this year, i'm watching my health,lol, but that's gotta be delicious, what's your fave shakeS?

Report | 04/18/2009 6:04 pm


~Should I give up?..||
~Yes, 'cuz the guy you like is a jerk..||
~No, maybe he has his reasons and there are still chances left..||
Do YOU have an answer yet? :'3

|~Hm... HPV?
It's okay I guess.
If you consider my second shot to be deadly and horribly painful.
The nurse stuck it into my arm, she twisted and blood bled... -shivers- ><;

No one... nothing happened.
I'm crushing on this guy that I nicknamed Ash.. but so far, nothing happened. Why you ask?.. heart

~~QUESTING:: Pieces of Avi Art, Gogh Reed && Yemaya's Pearl`||