Age: 20
Bloodtype: AB
Occupation: Piercer/College Student. I major in psychology, and smoke a hellovalota pot.
Ethnicity: Mutt, but dominant blood lines are French and Asian.

-------Other facts -----------

My nicknames are

This, is indeed me, an awkward picture of me, but me.

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I may be going Hiatus for a while, Gaia is losing my interest- but do not be shy with the pm's and comments, I still enjoy idol chit-chat.

I'm a speculator
I can never really decide right away
I may seem cold
But I'm told I'm sweet down deep.
I love gore.
I love certain fashion.
I have a weakness for ink/piercings.
I love different types of music.
I'm a contradictor.
I have mixed feelings about religion.
I role play gore/horror, but rarely.
I do art, pm me about it.
I usually dont approach others.
I can be very vulgar.
Don't be shy with me, or I'll be shy with you.
I smoke still, its a nasty habbit.
I'm a d**k on occasion.
I can be horribly vain,
but not when I get compliments, they make me fidgety, so just dont give them to me.
I still smoke.
I hate pie, and cake, but bake them spectacularly.
I love to cook, go figure.
I have alot of fears, spiders, owls, growing old,----many many many many more.
My sexuality isn't hard to define, its called pan, or omni, however way you'd like to say it.
No it doesn't mean I want alot of sex, or simply just can't choose a gender, I fall in love with a person for their being.
Gifts are also hard to accept without counter-acting on them.

Besides that, pm me <33 I'd love to talk.



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In your profile, you misspelled "idle"
Nerdy Reindeer Sex

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Nerdy Reindeer Sex

pretty good. u?
Nerdy Reindeer Sex

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Nerdy Reindeer Sex

hey buddy..

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I Like your Avi

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Nerdy Reindeer Sex

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Nerdy Reindeer Sex

Happy b-dayyy hommie!

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Thanks for the purchase, appriciate it.

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Been awhile, whats up?
I was wondering if you could lend me the code you use for your header (the my gaia bar above profile)? It looks good.
Ed Hotson

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Ed Hotson

Nice avi!
II Soy Milk II

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II Soy Milk II

mhm, very manly indeed.
The most manliest of men i assume.


My logic will astound you
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yeah, thats me