My name is Dove, I try to be like any normal teenager but sometimes its hard to.
I like to act and sing (I feel so awful when I say that because people don't take you seriously. Everyone wants to act and sing),I like to paint, and design clothes.
I love surfing. I love music too. Music is my escape plan, hahaha when the zombies come, and people are like in bomb shelters, I'll be like in the corner of my room with my ipod turned all the way up, listening to Cream, shaking back and forth and humming loudly. hahahahaha.....Uhmmm.... I like mostly horror movie. Hahaha, well I don't like them when it's dark and I'm alone, and I'm trying to sleep, but I like them before I watch them. I also like Interview with the vampire. DON'T LAUGH!!!!
I love the books, and I know the movies were bad, but they're hilariously bad, so it balances out. smile I have a secret obsession with American Idol auditions though. I love watching them.
I am naturally a blonde, but I didn't like it. Haaha
I'm pretty pale.
I have green eyes.
I like to dress comfortably.


Pay it forward, always. Love as much as you can. Go forward in your life with love, remember all the good in the world.