Comment // Trade

    Either quitting or hiatus. Simple as that! c8

    I spent most of my time on this site mainly on zomg (RIP).
    Some peeps I got to know really well and some I wish I didn't LMAO jkjk-ish.
    I used to make doodles/drawings however you call it till my laptop died..hardware failed so yeah...RAM in peace. Haha please get the joke. -cries a river-

    I wish you guys the best & take care of yourselves.
    Be happy be healthy - cheerios commercials- D:
    I'm not weird I swear... //lying ahahMUAHAHAH -coughs...sputters...ahem-
    [...............] -insert cricket sounds-
    I want to thank everyone for being a part of what I had here.
    I'm grateful to have met some of you. Not y'all are special k? KAY!!!
    You know who you are...if you don't...welps YOLO SWAG #SadLyfe #ForeverAlone
    Thank you all for being my friend. 8DD
    For the ones that left and the ones that stayed.
    I'll treasure the moments of what was spent.

    I was about to say more but look at the time, well good byes.
    -insert hysterical screaming and dies-
    Ps: I'm not weird...really I'm not cccc:

    "Never regret anything, because at one time, it was exactly what you wanted."