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'A healthy outside starts from the inside." -Robert Urich


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MysteryEmoKid Report | 07/17/2011 12:31 pm
haha i spaced out on everything you put lol
MysteryEmoKid Report | 07/11/2011 11:07 pm
i dont think that show comes on anymore cus it got all stupid with the new guy hey put. that beatboxer is freakin epic xD. i was like woah and then like woah and then my mom told me to shut up >.< haha but that was sick
MysteryEmoKid Report | 07/10/2011 2:32 pm
ive always wanted to go to a freak show just to see the other marvelous things people havnt seen. as for the cown lady as long as its a "she" i would flirt no matter what ;D blue sounds like a awesome name. its kinda like blue from blues clues smile .i have a german shepherd but he's old a.f but i still love him (:. i wish i had a husky, there freaking adorable xD. guys with british accents are kinda cute no homo haha. i wanna meet daniel radcliffe(harry potter guy) b'cuz i love how he speaks
MysteryEmoKid Report | 07/07/2011 1:24 pm
haha clowns are freaking scary. If one came up to me i would sock him out but if it was a lady i'll flirt ;D. Girls can be capable of doing anything when they get mad from wht ive seen. Thats why i respect and never try to get them mad smile How can you like bumblebeez >.< there so scary. I always get scared whenever i here there buzzing noise near me and i freak out sweatdrop I love animals and would hurt them unless they hurt me bad biggrin Animals have rights like we do <3
MysteryEmoKid Report | 07/05/2011 12:32 am
the scariest thing that i ever saw was whenever a girl gets mad
MysteryEmoKid Report | 06/29/2011 8:00 pm
you also have to check up sometimes incase i message you
MysteryEmoKid Report | 06/27/2011 8:45 pm
hehe your evil > biggrin . im also sorry and promise to get on 5 times a year this time smile
bella swan1123 Report | 06/15/2011 8:23 am
bella swan1123
You want 10000000 gold then copy/paste this to 10 porifle and press f4 then log out and log back in and check your gold!!!!!! it realy works!!!!!!
MysteryEmoKid Report | 04/18/2011 8:56 am
is sushi good? im so sorry i dont get on gaia..its just that im a facebook freak and i just stay on it or like hours everyday. how you bin doin latley, is your sister single ;D, i made a whole bunch of new firends and im on vacation so i'll try to get on more. i still havnt bought some guitar stings so i havnt learned anything new ;p, watching elmo sisngin the sky song right now biggrin , i flirt with to many girls so its pretty anoyin and gonna try not to flirt wit you ;D, um idk what else
Ichibuu Report | 04/18/2011 6:20 am
I'll accept heart

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