I do consulting now days. Any sort of armory decisions, tatical warplans, proper employment of heavy weapons systems, etc.

Just contact.


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like i'm really gonna record my thoughts on a public site for you all to see...


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cross lubrication

Report | 06/29/2009 8:31 pm

cross lubrication

******** you for stealing the name I want, whore!
Wave O Babies

Report | 04/16/2007 7:54 pm

Wave O Babies

You have 2 freinds, and you go dumpster diving... I winrar is you.
Angelic Hypocrite

Report | 11/09/2006 7:17 pm

Angelic Hypocrite

I like the google signature thing.
I giggled for a small period of time.
But not a really small one.
Just kinda small.


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