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RejectedSoul004's Journal

Thoughts of the Warped and Twisted




My name is Erika,but everyone knows me as Rabiez.
I'm 16 years old.
I'm bipolar.
I'm from Arizona.
I'm a hardcore gamer xD
I'm honest.
I'm loyal.
I'm stubborn.
I'm overly opinionated.
So don't ask questions you don't want answers to.
I don't sugarcoat anything.
I can be friendly.
I'm shy.
I'm a biter.
I'm a proud virgin (Deal or GTFO)
I have a swearing problem.
I like to read.
I like to draw.
I like to write poetry.
I play piano.
I can be a bitch.
I hate bad spelling.
I'm a dreamer,but a realist at the same time.
I trust very few people.
I'm energetic.
I'm a listener as well as a chatterbox.
I'm an anime junkie.
I enjoy raves.
Um...that's it for now.


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Neon~Starshine Report | 06/30/2008 5:59 am
You have ZehnDahlia on your friends list. That's my other account. I forgot the password and just now decided to tell all the people that were on my friends list. If you want to talk or whatev, add this account. If not, its cool. Just thought you might like to know. User Image

btw love the rainbow text
Chiihaya Report | 09/04/2007 3:47 am
OMG ... that sounded weird.

Sorry!! ;_; I fail at comments.
Chiihaya Report | 09/04/2007 3:41 am
You are very pretty, where are you from? User Image
Conren Report | 08/01/2007 10:54 am
Nice profile.
Hazardous Brandon Report | 07/27/2007 2:52 pm
PPLZ this is not my sisters account anymore someone hacked it!!!!! im serious and who ever hacked this profile if u hack mine i swear to god i will kill you!
Kira_of_the_wind Report | 07/27/2007 12:13 am
*licks you* hate me
[.At0m!c.W3dg!e.] Report | 07/21/2007 6:14 pm
I've been good.

Ryojiin Report | 07/07/2007 4:39 am
what can I say?
Kandi_Raver_Fuji Report | 06/17/2007 9:07 am
lol i'm, glad you liked my song. ^__^
Aqvilifer Report | 06/05/2007 12:21 am
T'ank you for pretty much buyin my ice tiara for me! <3