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Disb0ipeter AKA Smellycoochie AKA CamboOliphant

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-ask for my Skype or Discord-

Looks like I'm back on gaia after a while. I keep finding myself coming back when I'm bored out of my mind, but I guess you already know that if you know me. If you don't, don't be shy to message me. My hobbies has changed a bit since my last about me. I still do all those things, but not as much. I've been biking and rock climbing a lot, but i kinda have to take a break from climbing cause I messed up my shoulders. The things that never change about me though is that I can play video games all day, eat junk food and have some music blasting in the back. So if you're down to play with me add me on steam, sorry that I only play PC games though cause all I have is a computer. I'm also always on Skype Discord, so if you want to add me, just hit me up.

I feel like I should add something new to my about me cause it has been a few years since I updated it. But anyways thanks for stopping by and reading this. Lately I've been off and on gaia cause I've been kinda busy. You'll usually find me on here when I'm bored and have nothing to do. But don't let that stop you from messaging me, I'd love to talk. I'm real easy to get a long with and i don't bite... as much, but I'll definitely give you hugs.

WOOH BACK ON GAIA =D Heeeyy my name is Peter, nice to be meeting you who ever is reading this =D This is my 4th gaia account, hope this one last longer then my second and third one xD i got hacked and banned in less then a week... sucked a lot xP Lucky for me before i got hacked i sent my OMG hat to my cousin... she wont give it back because she scared i might get hacked again xD all i lost was my ancient katana T^T i loved it so much.... well anyways why im back on Gaia? i got bored and wanted to talk to my gaian friends again =] miss you guys ^o^ Well if you wanna know more about me add me =] ohh oh oh oh and the other About Me under this one is my old one =]

I'm a person that likes to have fun. I'm Cambodian and im proud of it =] I do lots of crazy things like walking on walls, doing back flips, getting into trouble, the normal boy stuff. I'm a nice guy; really easy to get along with. i cant help being nice, but sometime i can be a b*tch (really rare). some of my friends and family call me PJ. My favorite sport is basketball and badminton. I love to listen to music, skate, play video games and to read manga or watch amine. I love to eat too =] I'm happy that i can eat a lot, and not gain any weight, well not too much. I alway sleep in and usely late to school xD I have lot of friends and i love them like family. I try to hang with my friends as much as i can, but im always busy =[ Well there you go, alil something about me =]