About Me:

I joined gaia long ago when I was in about seventh grade, to talk to my friends, and now I am a college student, I haven't really played in years so I don't quite remember everything about the site.

I'm finding myself to become more and more withdrawn soically so I may not talk to you unless you contact me first. I used to be really hyper and energetic 24/7 back in the day, but after my first year of college I've become surprsingly much more calm and serious. At least as calm and serious, as I can be, I'm still a goofball who can a bit temperamental at points.

I've been having breathing problems since January 2015 and I'm currently going through a lot of testing, so my energy and will to do much is at a bare minimum. Every day it is exhausting to do simple tasks it gets to the point where the only thing I can do is lay there and possibly sleep (if I feel like I can breath well enough at the time.)

If you are any of my friends my chance, I'm sorry for dropping off the face of the earth, I honestly have been avoiding all of you because I haven't talked to you in a while and I'm anxious about it..... I've been anxious talking to almost anyone lately, and it takes awhile for it to go away.

I love to play video games and watch anime, though I am more-so a gamer.
Nintendo is my favorite company and it holds many of my favorite game series.
I prefer to play games more so based on their storyline than anything else.


My favorite gaming series are:
Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, harvest moon, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Animal crossing,super smash bros, Okami (okami & okamiden) and many more these are just some of my major ones 3nodding

Some of my favorite anime: Attack on Titan/SNK, Sword Art Online (season/series one), Madoka Magica, Dangan Ronpa The animation, Another, Higurashi, Wolf's Rain, to name a few, I've watched to many series over the years.

Honestly, I feel old writing this, very. old. sweatdrop

I can be commonly found under the same username on these sites: Chickensmoothie
Flight Rising
Pokemon MMO
(maybe) Eldemore

I can be found as killermareep on tumblr

wahmbulance this is still under construction wahmbulance


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Hey mirage um do you remember me? I changed my username before it was fluffy penguin 159 :3 btw ~ OMFG WE HAVE ALOT IN COMMON Cx ok then bye

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I was doing stuff...didn't get to them until now...

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faint old rhyme

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faint old rhyme

Hey, can I buy your George's Pipe for 55k please?
Haseo Gentsu

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Haseo Gentsu

Thanks...It means a lot to hear that from u..
BonQuiQui the Psyduck

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BonQuiQui the Psyduck

Nice profile. Thank you for buying!
I-xX iCutie Pie xX-I

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I-xX iCutie Pie xX-I

ty 4 buyi8n come again
saira 5

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saira 5

Thx For Buying Meh Ink!

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thanks and im not wearing cosplay


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