√ About Me!

My name Is Morgan. I'm No Different Than Any Other Human Being. I'm Special Inside Like an Old Stuffed Animal You Wont Let Go Of Because Its Become Part of You.
I'm a Student. and I Have a Job. I'm Obviously a Chick. and Don't Give Much of a Thick s**t What You Think. I'm VERY Cold-Hearted Sometimes, Like Now. But I'm Not Like That ALL The Time.
I Listen To Rock. All Types. And Live For it Too.
I Plan To Get a Tattoo When Im Old Enough To get Into The Shop. xD I Love peircings Too, But Thats a Different Story.
I'mma Child at Heart, and I Stand With Both Feet Facing Eachother Like a little Kid, Get Bored Easily, Play at Playgrounds Only To THINK Im in Love. I Reaalllyy am Your Worst Nightmare, wink
I Like Black, It's Kinda My Thing I Guess. It Always Has Been, and For What I Know Always Will Be.
I Like Girls, and Boys, and Will have As many Choices as I like! Even Aliens, Vampires, Frankinsein Creations, and Hunchback's Of Notradome. Spread The Love, Man? smile
I'm open Hearted To Visitors. Leave Your Shoes Between The Mat and My latest Murder Victoms X]