Hmmm...what to say what to say... well for starters i dont like trolls, i dont accept random requests in fact the only way you can be reading this is if your on my friends list.Other useless facts:I am a frequent cosplayer, i like mustard on my hotdogs. i was drunk off of apple juice when i typed this. I hate people who copy me. I hate it when people make remarks towards my usenrame, if you dont like it gtfo. srsly. i have but a few real friends and they love me just as much as i love them <3 we had to put up with a troll named doctor mundo who ended up getting reported for hacking my bff and her bf. im nearly never in hollywood because it makes my laptop slow down. im on almost everyday. i hate stinky crammed places. my profile is bland. i hate oatmeal. i am now complaining about everyday problemos. i hate rude fat black chicks. i dont like being begged (i love to beg though) My cat status was recently changed to 2. I miss Murry and always will. Im currently taken, (by grapes) The fruit. I collect inks. DO YOU LIKE GRAPES? CAUSE I DOES. I almost never use proper grammar. im a idiot almost every hour of the mofo day.

I LUV AVI ART........The end i guess <3

The most i have payed for avi art is 2million and no dont even ask