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Birthday: 04/11


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i'm a pretty layed back guy i'm into all kinds of music mostly metal lol uumm idk got any questions just ask, best way to get to know someone is by talking to them =P cause anyone can say anything about them selves but yea...alot of the time it isent true....and yes i do ponder and think alot i love to use my brain ^_^ .....sometimes >_>


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Morgue Report | 04/11/2016 9:38 pm
Happy birthday! Miss you!
EuthanasiaLove Report | 02/18/2016 7:28 pm
Hey do you want to get you butt handed to you in ultra street fighter 4 by me on steam? Lol J/K. You hear the new metal church single?
DeadOfMe Report | 01/08/2016 6:28 pm
Como decirlo... No tienes idea lo que me rompió el corazón que no te importará ni un poco... Te ame como nunca había amado en mi vida... Ojalá pudiera encontrarte en otra vida y no perderte... Te deseo lo mejor y espero que nunca te lastimen de esta forma y que encuentres al amor de tu vida... Todo esto te lo escribo con lágrimas en mis ojos... Adios amor sad
Morgue Report | 09/25/2015 1:53 pm
Sweet, glad it can be played on my mobile. There are times right before bed when you just can't sleep & you need a game or something to tire out your eyes. I'll message you when I sign into Skype & give you my contact info.
Morgue Report | 09/20/2015 1:38 pm
That sounds good, figuring I like to play games on my ipad & phone when I'm lying in bed at night. I should get Matt to check it out too. Would be great to get back into the gaming thing with you again. heart

Which device do you use to play?
Morgue Report | 09/17/2015 5:59 am
Computer? Mobile phone? or iPad? And what is the game like?
Morgue Report | 09/15/2015 8:08 am
I'm a hell of a lot older than you, so can't call yourself old, silly! I need a new game that I can play on my iPad.
Morgue Report | 09/14/2015 8:14 pm
Yeahhh...Anyone trying to control you doesn't want what is best for YOU, they want what is best for THEM. It's one thing to be protective, it's completely different to be obsessive & distrustful. You gotta give your partner the benefit of the doubt & trust them until they can prove that they aren't trustworthy. I'm sorry that it didn't work out between you two. But you will meet other women. You're a good looking guy & you're intelligent & funny. When one door closes, another one opens, ya know?

I take it you're not into Minecraft? I love playing it on a server with other people, but a lot of my old friends who played it with me aren't online much these days. And i try to get Matt to play it, but nope. Do you play any games on Steam? We used to but haven't played them in years. It would be great if we could find a game to play together to kill time like we used to.
Morgue Report | 09/14/2015 2:39 am
heart Thanks Mike, you're a great friend! We're both sharing the same pain of the loss of our dogs. Did your dog at least live a long & healthy life? It's depressing what Gaia has become. There was a lot to do at one point. We'd play cards or zOMG. And you & Hec would have these hilarious little play fights, lol! Geeze, I miss him too. I kinda wish I could just grab my closest Gaia friends that still keep in touch & find something new for us all to enjoy together. Something free & fun. Helps keep my mind off the stressy sh*t with my parents. Dad lost his job a few years ago, having a hard time finding a new one due to being in his 60s & because my parents live in a kinda rural area. So my mom constantly badgers him & then he gets pissed & snaps at her & she snaps back & so on. And well, they aren't getting along. And my mom calls me up & vents to me for HOURS about the same damn sh*t that they are going through. And it's stressing me out. But she refuses to see that she fuels the fire, she only sees my dad's abusive name calling, which occurs after she nags & badgers him. They are both in the wrong. They came up to visit us twice this summer & all they did was yell at each other. crying

I generally live a stress-free life, but the only time I do get stressed is due to my side of the family making me crazy, or if I get really ill. Like, almost dying in May after that damn surgery was pretty bad too. Aw, sorry to vent, Mike. So how was your weekend? Tell me more about what is going on in your life? emotion_hug
Morgue Report | 09/13/2015 12:31 pm
Not much. Kinda played it but stopped, Takes a of grinding. I'm sorry that I took a few days to reply back to you. I'm hurting a whole lot because one of my dogs died last week too. She was almost 15. Maybe you heard me mention her in the past. Miffy, my Australian cattle dog. Kinda in the midst of a nervous breakdown over it. When I moved out on my own, I was unable to take her with me, plus my parents were able to give her a quality of life that I couldn't give her at the time. She was attached to the other dogs in the family, she had a huge, unfenced yard that she would love to sunbathe in. My mom also continued to baby & spoil her, she got plenty of home cooked meals & she would get tucked into bed every night. She had a seizure & suffered brain damage. And although she seemed okay for a few days, she took a turn for the worst. Right up to the end, she slept in my old bedroom, as if to always wait for me to return & the sound of a loud car stereo used to excite her, thinking I was coming home. I would visit her often & it was like nothing ever changed. Loyal & loving as always. The heartache is unbearable.

Plus, my parents might be getting a divorce after being together for 40 years. And I'm getting torn between them. Matt is away on business for the week, so it's just me & my dog Rissa til Friday. His company sent him to Orlando. Gonna be a boring week. Hector hasn't been on here in a long time. But he did give me his Skype name & email long ago. Do you want me to give them to you so you can get in touch with him?