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Hello itz Dino Nuggetz Kiddz!(:

! Ɩт'ƨ Ƨιмρℓʏ Ĵʋƨт Ƭωσ βɛαяƨ.

I can tell you what I am and what I'm not, but I'll leave that to you to decide. I dont know if we'll get along, but I promise you I'll try. It took me sixteen years to become who I am today, So you wont know me just by reading this.I know some of you may not believe in love, but I found the guy that can make me cry from laughing too much, the one who puts a smile on my face just hearing his name makes me want to scream!



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!Cody Joseph !
Decoteau! all u do is
make me smile
we can be soo comfortable
wiff each other(: we have
been dating fer awhile and its soo greatt. ur not
like any of the other guys i dated.
and i love that(: and
i hope we stay forever... i love you
so muchh babyy!
i know we fight but we get thru that
like right awayy! and thats what
makes a relationship stronger.. and
i know people hate us fer being
togetherr but they can suck my c**k!(:
ur the first guy i ever fell for.
and ur the only guy that my family
likes and lets sleep over!*(:
i love you boobear(:
9.16.10 <3 fer ever and always!(: