Hiya! My name's Blade, I've been on Gaia for well over a decade now, so I suppose I enjoy what the site has to offer. I like to chat, act crazy, stir up trouble and enjoy various forms of RP, both casual and serious.

As for things outside of Gaia, I enjoy numerous nerdy activities. Such things include Anime, Manga, Video Games, playing guitar and reading up on cybersecurity events and good IT practices.

I've been playing guitar for roughly 8 years now, and I usually lean towards my electrics. My favorite guitarists are John Petrucci, Jeff Loomis and Rusty Cooley. I like practicing scales and noodling most days, but I have written a few songs.

I also work a job in IT security. It's an interesting field, though it sometimes ends up with me working the late shift when an incident happens. I enjoy where I work though.

I am without a doubt an INTJ-T (The Architect) personality.

That's the basics. If you wanna know more, feel free to ask me!