Och, mah life's really nobody's business, aye? I no ken how online relationships build from anythin' other'n "kawaii-ing" everythin' the other says...That word 'as become repugnant to me...Shut yer damn pie-holes! Though, in real life the many braw lads and bonnie lasses I've encountered tend to crawl out of satan's a** and up hell's scurvy hole. Naw...I'm no so 'orrible, really. Just don't say "Kawaii" to me and we'll get along famously wink

Ach, I've forgotten me favorite sayin'-

Cha dèan ‘Tapadh leis an fhìdhlear’ am fìdhlear a phàigheadh.

Tis a famous ould Gaelic twaddle. Look it up for yerself.