Hello I am Digiavalon XD

Q: Do you take commissions paid or gaia?
A: No they are both permanently closed. I have no plans of ever doing commission work again, I have an art related job and no need to draw for anyone else in my spare time.

Q: But your sig says you take bribe's...
A: Yes but that means you have to BRIBE me. No one seems to get this so I will be changed it shortly to show items I can be bribed with. Remember a bribe normally means offering someone something that is above what they would be offered normally, as in you want something bad enough you are willing to offer more to "bribe" them to do it for you.

Q: What do you feel you would want as a bribe?
A: Sense people keep asking I am only interested in the following items: Angelic mini's, Nitemare mini's, DJ's, ports, Panda hat, chickis, bunnies, halo.

Most people do not wish to spend items amounting this much on gaia for art. I stopped my commissions hear because inflation means nothing to me its gone up so high that a few years ago I could get several items for one commission *example I got almost on entire 04 set and a nov and dec 03 for a commison* Now for the same commission I might only get a nov 04 or less. To me this makes doing art hear worthless as I am not an exchange whore and only interested in the items I don't have. A months or mores worth or work and my time really isn’t even worth it to me now, but I will do art for a direct exchange of an item I like/want, or an insanity good offer.
Please not I don't expect people to pay this that’s why commissions were permanently closed, though if someone did want to give me one of those items I would consider it.

Q: Will you enter my art contest.
A: No. Don't have time nor wish to waste my time on a contest that I may not win therefore might as well have done a commission for and sense I don't even do that why would I draw for potentially nothing? So no.

Q: Will you give me free art?
A: Is you ask me this I will ignore you.

Q: Your art isn't as good as *artist name* and they are not nearly as greedy, why won't you lower your prices? No one will pay that.
A: True they probably won't but the option is there if someone wishes to try, like I said I am permanently closed, I left the bribe part up to humor the fact someone may offer me that, but I don't expect it and don't care if they don't and if they did I still can’t guarantee I’ll do it


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DigiAvalons Art Info Journal

At the moment with my site behind in updates and My Da gallery temp hidden You will find samples of my art and prices in my journal.


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~Angelina Elven~

Report | 07/11/2008 2:22 pm

~Angelina Elven~

I love your art, will you post any tutorials in the future?
The Canadian Comrade

Report | 07/08/2008 2:22 pm

The Canadian Comrade

your art is . . . ok

Report | 07/07/2008 10:17 am


hey i love your art work!!!!!!!

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happy late bday!!!

Report | 01/30/2008 3:56 pm


Hey want to be friends

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I like your avatar <3

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Omg pretty intriguing profile!!!!

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this is amusing profile! XD

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lol cute avi

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Ahh!... kinda cool profile!


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