I am 16 and ummmmmm.............. i like art, sports(volley ball bieng

my favorate), drama, singing and going to school(not that last part). o ya and

picking on my little sister! inglish be mi best subgectt lol and im a

salutatorian in a class of around 22ish... maby...im still proud of my self. im

5'4(wich is the average hight of a female in America! arnt i soo lucky) i hav a

boyfriend that ive been dating since the end of freshman year. and i have cool

friends. others might describe me as blunt, too honest, wierd style and even

independent. my name means annointed(i think thats how you spell it 0_0)

and i live in a knowhere town 50 miles from vegas. i am also a cancer... I KILL

PEOPLE ha ha ha awwwwwwww not funny. sad


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Underground Rocksound

Report | 04/03/2010 4:46 pm

Underground Rocksound

Because I didn't want it duhhh
Underground Rocksound

Report | 04/03/2010 1:24 am

Underground Rocksound

I hate chu.... stare


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