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*WiSh LiSt?......



* Hey My name is x______Diana8903. I really would like to see the world, I want to go everywhere. I like my life and the moments in it. Expressing and showing kindness and love is very important to me. I'm a very happy person who is happy to be here and be alive. I like optimism. I am usually content. I love writing. I'm really good when it comes to cooking. Baking sweets is my specialty. I also like to learn a lot, about anything. The world is interesting to me. My favorite thing is probably love, all forms of it. Loving, learning, sharing, caring, reading, thinking, writing, music, dancing, friendship, photography, creativity, dreaming, seeing, believing, listening, and feeling. I laugh a lot, at random times to boot. I can be that person who makes a awkward moment even more awkward. I don’t mean to but it happens. I love good times and memories, and remembering them. Nature, pretty days, and nice weather are the best although I love the rain and stormy weather as well. I have wonderful friends who are just amazing people. I'm so thankful for everything. I'm a bit silly sometimes. I tend to make stories. I don't like to lie. I do joke and fib but I don't lie. There's always something going on in my head, I like to think. I really want to write a book, maybe because I enjoy reading and telling stories. You can always find me with a book in my hand or in my bag ready to read. I love treasures and old things. I love my best friend, Angel Crater she’s a huge part of my life. I have known her for all my school years and not once has she ever let me down. She has always been there for me and I will always be there for her. We are exactly the same yet so different. But we understand one another. It really is the best friendship I have come to know shared between two people. She is that loud american girl you just laugh when you are around and at times she brings that out in me. But I love that. I'm starting to understand and realize things more. I think something really important in life is to find out who you are self discovery. I’m not one for violence, I’m more for peace.
I'm a little shy sometimes, and uneasy with first meetings, but once you get to know me I will open up. I'm pretty comfortable with myself, I've learned and grown and become the person I am, I'll always be learning and growing. I want to know a lot about you. I love conversation. I like to listen, but I wont hesitate to talk. I think everything is beautiful and that life is what you make of it. I am constantly in a mode to better myself and to not let one day go by where I don’t love someone or something. I have lots of questions, and sometimes it bugs me how I know they won’t all be answered. It all works though; I do know that sometimes, it's better not to know. I have beliefs, thoughts, ideas, and common sense. I seem to let little things ruin or make my day sometimes. Everything just depends I suppose.
The world interests, everything about it. All the people on it and how we're all different and the same in some ways and how everyone is somehow connected. It’s rather neat. I wish everyone would love everyone for just who they are. I'm easily fascinated I guess. The world is just beautiful. Hope,Kindness, and love.
I like trust. But I do believe it takes time to build, the only sad part is it's easy to destroy. I don't do drugs or drink or smoke. That is just me. I'm not big on Profanity, it’s just something that i find vulgar, and prefer not to use. If you do then that's fine, it’s just not who I am, and what I stand for. I'd like to think of myself as an understanding person. I am so thankful for every memory I have. I really love car rides, to anywhere really. I love being with my boyfriend isreal, holding his hand and the peer pressure he puts on me to run the streets because no one is around. I like it more when we are alone laughing playing talking. I love being lazy with him, we stay in the skating rink for hours just talking and kissing! i just love him! i really do(:


*Haterzz Make me famous(:

*Ima q00d Person so d0nt Underestimate Me<--

<font color="yellow"> hola

<fontcolor="yellow"> wtf?..





*Thats all true! <-----

*Ilove My BOYfriend Isreal<3

*I love isreal cavares So much<3