Ahoy There! c:
-My Name Is Mallina c:
-I Love Music..
-I'm In Roller Derby (Mina-Licious #616)
-I Am: Mexican, White
-I Am A Shy Person..
-My Favorite Color Is: Midnight Blue And Black
-I LOVE Video Games..I Dont Have Favorites Because They Are All Good..
-My Birthday Is August 14
-My Favorite Shape Is A Star..
-I Want To Travel Around The World..
-I Live In The U.S
-I Love Zombies..
-I Love The Dark..
-I Like The Truth
-A Lot Of People Usually Find Me Quiet..
-I Dont Get Your Slang Dont Write Like That...
-I Get Really Nervouse
-Im Open Minded
-I Can Be A Huge Jerk Too..
-I Think Your Done Reading This..