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Meh if you want to know more about me ask. I don't promise an answer but you can still ask.


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Memory Manipulator Namine Report | 08/13/2011 10:08 pm
Happy -early- Birthday!! looking forward to seeing you soon at school~! heart

... i still haven't read AF7. OTL
Memory Manipulator Namine Report | 12/08/2010 4:31 pm
HEY~! can I borrow Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox from you? I need some page numbers and citation information for my metaphysics paper. sweatdrop
Jaenie Report | 09/05/2010 10:01 am
Help me with the naked prayers achievements? sweatdrop
Memory Manipulator Namine Report | 08/29/2010 12:33 pm
here's the cheat sheet that i promised you.
here's the cheat sheet that a friend made me. i'll share it with ya.

Louie - Make use of that hunting bonus. The other guides have a maximum hunting cap of 250lbs but Louie's is much higher than that (not sure exactly how much but you don't need to worry about it). Trade more loot for ammo instead of food. As I demonstrated earlier, you can get a lot more food with more ammo. Use the fastest ship and take the shortest route. Also, don't sacrifice anyone because you'll definitely lose a few of them anyway.

Edmund - Edmund may have a speed penalty but your crew won't die so quickly. Take the fastest ship and stock up on food regularly. You can take the longest route if you want but the shortest route is always advisable.

Diedrich - He's the easiest guide to win with. You are constantly lucky, finding food, ammo and loot every few seconds. Just go hunting when you feel you need to stock up. Use whatever ship and whatever route you want.

Sam - Sam can get very tricky because of the health penalty. (But somehow I beat her with all five crew members alive ._. ) Bring lots of ammo to hunt because she can be a little unlucky and you tend to lose loot, food and ammo when you need them the most. Hunt after every landmark. Take the shortest route but you can use any ship.

Carl - By far, the hardest to beat. Carl has the amazing (and highly inconvenient) ability to eat bullets and in addition to that, you start out with very little loot (1000, instead of the regular 2000 or Diedrich's 3000) and really bad luck. Don't take the fastest ship but take the shortest possible route. And NEVER shoot any ELK when hunting in the forest or sky. Starve you crew at the start of your journey and keep only 3 of them alive before you hit the desert, to reduce your food consumption.

Some general tips
- Except for Louie, everyone else has a maximum hunting haul of 250lbs. So don't go overboard when hunting.
- Don't pass up any opportunity to get better luck or more ammo. Food is not as important as either of these.
- Don't cut down the giant tree. Don't @#$% with the anthill. Don't reason with the vampire pirates. Don't smother your suspected zombie friend in the middle of the night. Don't visit the witch doctor. Don't shake the vending machine. Don't say you don't like Mulholland Drive. Don't perform the Corbomite Maneuver (silly little Trekkie joke). Don't let your crew member investigate the ruined mecha-suit, do it yourself.
- Always sacrifice a crew member on the ziggurat (it's bugged, so you won't actually lose anyone). Always giggle at the butt-shaped cloud (I'm still giggling at it). Always grab the shiny, don't fly closer to it. Always let the vines grow on your ship, because they produce 5 ammo. Always get the doctor to slap you. Always let the ghost show you how you die. Always investigate the scary cave. Always drink the wood nymph's potion. Always attend the wealthy eccentric's party.
- The best things to hunt are robots (volcano), buffalo (forest), bears in vehicles (forest/sky), rocket penguins (ocean), gwee (ocean), vultures (desert), fish (desert), pumpkins (forest) and elk (forest/sky). But don't hunt elk if you're using Carl, because he kills your entire crew in revenge (he is an elk, after all). Grunnies and veggies are good and generally easier to hunt but they give only small amounts of food. The bigger the target, the more shots you need so hunt according to your abilities.
- Remember, there are NO horses on your ship.
Memory Manipulator Namine Report | 08/20/2010 7:46 pm
xd thanks~ heart
Memory Manipulator Namine Report | 08/16/2010 9:22 am

i'll be seeing you soon. My parents informed me that this coming weekend i'm heading back to college. ;A; where did the summer go!? -has been in summer classes since june-
Memory Manipulator Namine Report | 02/21/2010 7:55 pm
http://media.photobucket.com/image/black mage/Rapture_2006/paladins.jpg?o=681

just....take a look. heart
Memory Manipulator Namine Report | 12/21/2009 8:34 pm
xd wow! that's impressive! I think my group up here is more about spontaneous stuff. or maybe that's just me. sweatdrop
Memory Manipulator Namine Report | 12/21/2009 7:55 pm
Doing good. ^^ trying to get together with my friends up here. ^^ its surprisingly hard to coordinate. xd
Memory Manipulator Namine Report | 12/21/2009 12:49 pm
xd hey there hun. how are you? ^^


Yessir Cap'n Tight-pants,

I AM a shiny floog who knows where his towel is!


I may not be cool but I'm a shiney floog who knows where his towel is.