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SO! A newcomer approaches. I warn you now, there will be some sexy hot lovin' and CORN. Delicious corn. Scrape it off that cob with a knife and chew it up in your mouth. Oops forgot the butter! Grab that stick of butter and put that in your mouth too. Roll it around with your tongue, get those corn bits all lubricated and caloric. YUM! Now wipe your hands on your shirt it's time for my introduction.

My name is Dez, Dezi, Dezy, Dezy-X29, Deziko, Dezmiester, Dezi-fezi and last but not least, Dez-a-doodle-dandy.

...But you can call me Dez.

I'm a twenty-one year old female furry born and raised in Southern California, where the sun is hot and the sunburns hotter. For the past 4 years or so i've lived in Nebraska with my fiance. I'm off the market and not on gaia to find myself a hot date, though exceptions may be made for certain tiger goddesses (you know who you are!)

I'm an artist in progress, and all the art (unless stated otherwise) on my profile page was drawn by yours truly. I have only recently begun drawing in earnest, after a decade of taking my talent for granted. Maybe one day i'll open up an art shoppe here on gaia. I just don't feel confident enough to do so at the moment. Feel free to PM me or drop me a comment if you'd like some art done for you! I don't charge gold for my work, but tips are VERY much appreciated. smile

I've been a member of gaia for a very long time (2005). I was introduced to it back in middle school by one of my best friends, Kineko_the_Fox. I've only recently become active again - but with a vengeance! Much to the chagrin of current me, past me donated and gave away all my gold and items when I 'quit for good' a few years ago... Doh! So i'm broker than the back of a gay cowboy, and basically stuck rebuilding back up from nothing. Wanna help me out? Godspeed!

I'm a friendly, positive person -- I like to keep things wild and fun! I'm no bully however, and respect is an important ideal to me. If you want to earn my friendship, dont treat others like garbage - it's that simple.

Thanks for visiting my profile and taking the opportunity to learn about little old me! Feel free to post a comment, ask a question, or liven things up a bit with a dirty limerick in the comment section below, bitches!

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Lokivia Report | 12/12/2012 11:51 pm
Uh... let's try that again, wtf.
Dez, I NEED your address.
Also I need a ref of Dezy for art purposes, ASAP!!!!
Lokivia Report | 12/12/2012 11:49 pm
color=red]Dez, I NEED your address.
Also I need a ref of Dezy for art purp
oses, asap.
Not Alain Delon Report | 12/11/2012 3:24 pm
NeroJaxx Report | 12/11/2012 2:44 pm
thanks biggrin
sorry for the late reply xP
Lokivia Report | 12/02/2012 1:06 am
That needs to become real, because it's just too effing good LOL wtffmadfadfs.
That poem reached deep into the cockles of my heart and began fisting around
like newly born gothic child unto the forums of Vampire Freaks.
How are you my lovely cougar lumps?
We need moar art of our feline sexinesses together.
I'm working on a few pieces muself. ;D
I also need to make an actual reference for Loki, because the last ref sheet made for
her was made about 5 years ago, LOL. Not like anything has changed, but y'know.
It feels good to be back.
Now I need to sit down and let my toe out, it needs to breathe some fresh air,
it could also use a glass of chilled chocolat
e milk.
Lokivia Report | 12/01/2012 12:53 am
I miss your delicate facial meats. ; - ;
I lub yew!! <3
Wingbutt Report | 11/30/2012 6:56 pm
I'm so glad you like it, thanks again for the adorable art! emotion_hug
Wingbutt Report | 11/29/2012 6:15 pm
Indeed I am! emotion_c8
Mixy Lang Report | 11/29/2012 4:37 pm
Train Simulator? Chelsie is playing a kinectamals demo... I can't decide if I think it's cute or disturbing.
Dusty Silver Report | 11/29/2012 8:52 am
thank you o.o

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