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name is Hanif Lewis im 17 and i love music mostly rock and dubstep skrillex is the chizz and rob zombie to eveanessen is great, movie wise i love horror comedy and sci fi tim burtion is my fav director sweeny todd and repo the gentic oprea are pretty good.i watch plenty of anime and i draw fairly well if there something you want to know ask and i accept all friend request oh im very protective of friends so beware XD cuz i know where you live

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ulquiorra191 Report | 07/09/2013 7:06 am
Thx Bro Everything Went Perfect xd xd
ulquiorra191 Report | 04/19/2013 4:13 pm
Happy Birthday Bro. Party and Rock Hard!!! xd xd ninja ninja 3nodding
ulquiorra191 Report | 02/10/2013 8:24 pm
Thanks wats up man. Im gla d u told me i was starting to think u were dead
ulquiorra191 Report | 12/18/2012 4:43 pm
I Have Returnd Brother from my long endless Journey.. Its Been A While. Like the new look.. hope to seee u soon biggrin cool cool
Tiffany Jeon Report | 10/26/2012 7:12 am
Tiffany Jeon
Hey! :3 Sorry I was like MIA for a few months xD But Im back now to stay biggrin So whats new? ^_^
ulquiorra191 Report | 08/02/2012 2:50 pm
Yea ok thn cool..hit me up if u wanna go somewhere..
ulquiorra191 Report | 07/31/2012 5:17 pm
Yooo Twin Bro im just checkin in on you how you beeen......An Yea Now Look At us we Both almost Wearin the Same thing so now we Rly are twin bros rofl rofl cool Well Yea See Ya Around cool cool xd
ulquiorra191 Report | 07/06/2012 11:21 pm
Yooo wats up bra. Sry I havent been online lately ivr been at my job. Soim just checkin in. cya tell littens I said hi xD
NikkehBuu Report | 07/06/2012 2:10 am
it's okay..... ;_;
Tiffany Jeon Report | 04/28/2012 2:26 pm
Tiffany Jeon
oh, ok, still i'm sowey. i'll plan something when i have time ok? whee