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Name is Katie.
Not much to tell.
15, in high school.
Loud, funny, kick a** friend, arguer, silly, quiet, shy, crazy, odd ball, obnoxious, are just a few words to describe me.
At the moment I am OBSESSED with anything Japanese, especially fashion.
I enjoy anime, it's pretty neat.
I read way too much and music keeps me going.
Im not afraid to tell you what I think.
Don't try and label me, won't do you any good.
I aspire to be a photographer, its the one thing I'm good at.
Anything else you wanna know, ask.


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0_Rip van Winkle_0 Report | 05/14/2008 3:37 am

Now sweaty hairy CAT MAN!?

DAAAAAMN You one lucky hoooooooe!


Kidding. But seriously, you're pretty lucky o-o;
PDX_ToxicHolocaust_666 Report | 05/02/2008 6:48 pm
your siggy, yesh, you godda love th' Rev
Jurioch Report | 04/25/2008 9:09 am
Thank you for the post, I don't claim to be perfect, and I don't pretend to be. we may have different beliefs, but we have something extremely important in common, we both know there are things wrong with society, and we try not to make things any worse, and that rocks.
0_Rip van Winkle_0 Report | 04/15/2008 2:04 pm
Katie, you rock my socks. So much.

I miss you! Come back to school! DX!

If you know whats good for ya, you'll show up tomorrow!

*Fist Shake*
Zuraith Report | 03/28/2008 10:31 pm
My cats ******** rad!
treating164075 Report | 12/31/2007 2:33 pm
not so bad!
Magic_Conch_Shell Report | 12/31/2007 12:11 pm
Ahh!... very astonishing profile wee!
BlenderCorax Report | 12/31/2007 11:55 am
extremely good profile! 10/10
cronoses13 Report | 12/20/2007 10:42 pm
Thanks. I love Shoes.
Mososey The Penguin Report | 07/04/2007 6:39 pm
Your on!


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Gothic Veil!!
I want it!