hey. i'm an all around nice person. i'm 19 years old, and currently live in canada. i put my boyfriend and friends before my family. why? because i don't get along with my family, that's why. there's major issues inside my family. but yes, moving on.

i love to make new friends. :3 i'm nice and friendly towards everyone(except my family, but yea) just don't get on my bad side, because you'll regret it....seriously....when you get to know quite a bit about me, you'll realize that i'm a person who doesn't like to hurt anyone in any way......when i'm mad though, that easily changes.

i love watching anime, and reading manga. i love to listen to all kinds of music....japanese, rock, punk, pop, some rap, etc. etc. umm, i think that's all i should say about myself right now....if there's anything else you want to know, feel free to ask me.

oh, and i LOVE playing MapleStory. i hated the game at one point, but my boyfriend got me addicted to it. sweatdrop so if you play MapleStory, my usernames on there are Ayaume, AkimotoKaori and MikaWakamaya. look me up sometime and we can chat ^_^

if anyone wants a friend, please do feel free to add me. ^_^ but please, i cannot stress this enough, PLEASE, pm me and talk to me if you add me. i don't like being just another number on someone's list, i like to actually talk to people.

My dream avatar:

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Black Stockings
Lunar Scythe

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S.h.a.r.p.i.e - Aoi cache shades heart
flake_raven - 2k heart
Sylixan - Pink Daffodil heart

Also, i am now looking for a gaian family! smile if you'd like to be a part of the family, please pm me and let me know that you'd like to be in the family, and what you wanna be.

My gaian family:

Sister: The Defect Kid

I now do tektek's for people, pm me for the details and form. Do NOT post a link to the tektek you want exactly, i've had one person do that, and i don't like it at all. It will just get your ignored. I will only do you if you completely fill out the form i will give to you in pm.


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iiR o s i e

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iiR o s i e


nice profile and cute avi
child of lucifer133

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child of lucifer133

I SMELL BACON!!!!!!!!!
aconite frost

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aconite frost

    Random. User Image


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If you send this to 12 people and press Ctrl+W, you get 4000 gold! Trust me, it really works!!!!

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oops, i just realized i said hacked in my last comment instead of banned....heh.....

it was banned, not hacked ^_^;;;; well yea, whoever reads this, please add me on my new account. thanks. :3

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thanks! I tryed har. and i know i love the vid too! love kibas voice.

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then what do i do?

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i am DevilishHikaruchan, but i had just been hacked User Image

so please add me on my new account.

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thxs :]

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im in it but theres no convert


yes, i'm a bleach fan and i support ichigoxrukia
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