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Thank you for stopping by, I really hope you enjoy what you've gotten from here. Don't mind that weird little chinese guy, he's just here to clean.

If you would like an item from me, but it's out of your price range, you can PM me and we can either make payment arrangements, or you could haggle me.

Once again, thank you for stopping by and have an awesome day!

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Devilish Asylum

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Gender: Male

Location: In my mind, escaping reality.

Birthday: 08/28

Occupation: Evil Dictator of Earth

Moi, Moi, Moi

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So, it seems you've stumbled here on your own? Very nice. Close the heavy steel doors behind you, and I'll tell you a bit about myself. Sit down, have some cake and coffee, and relax.

Since I find it vain to give my real name away, you can just call me Dev. I'm 17 and on my way to college. I'm quite the charmer, if I do say so myself( I lie, I'm repulsive as my mom's swimming gear *shudder*). I'm very calm and carefree, until you decide to be pretentious, insecure and inconsiderate. I'm not very fond of random friend request, I take the approach of getting to know you first, then seeing about possible friendships. I'm an advid memer, Pokemon Freak (licensed to be so), and a beginner in drawing anime/chibi art (If you have any tips on how to help me, I will greatly appreciate it.) I'm on the quiet side, and I figured out that I'm extremely mentally unstable.

Enough about me now, what about yourself?