hello all! thanks so much for stopping by u v u

devika, dev, plat-sparkle, betsy, elizabeth
any of these work, really. n'm not too picky


i have been on gaia for over ten years now(fourteen, to be exact), which may either be really good or really bad, haha.

i'm really big into role playing, so if you're ever interested, i'm always game. i do have a search thread [x] that you can check out if you're interested.

i'm a current university student! along with that i have a full time job as well as a full time boyfriend and two sweet-ish cats that eat up a lot of my time. if we ever rp, i'd love for you to keep that in mind! though this is a thing, i do love chatting on discord whether it be about our days or rp stuff or even memes. i love sending things that make me think of rps that i have so be prepared for that ; v ;

even if we don't rp, i love talking! i very much enjoy making friends so if you happened to stumble upon me, please, i'd love to be friends!! and if not, that's okay too!