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22 | INFP | libra | genderfluid (any pronouns) | pan | poly
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hi!! i'm tabby
i live in nj!
i draw, cosplay, watch anime, binge netflix/youtube/hulu (anything i can get my hands on), and spoil my pup and myself!! i'm also a cart pusher so i can bench press you
feel free to reach out if u wanna talk, my entire vocabulary is just memes but if that sounds cool w you then go for it emotion_skull
here's my insta
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mitus Report | 07/27/2020 7:40 am
Thanks a bunch for buying ^_^ have a lovely day!
Lockstep Report | 02/22/2020 1:53 pm
awh thats good. i just got a new one not too long ago... its been nice having something that i'm not worried will break down lol
i've been alright, just working too much. have my normal job and an internship in an archive this semester...
almost done with college tho, just have to get through this semester and i'll finally have something more then an associates

how've you been? it's really nice to hear from you again~
Lockstep Report | 02/22/2020 1:43 pm
o U o
oh s**t
welcome back! how are you liking it? lol
Lockstep Report | 01/07/2019 9:50 am
it her
Aoeley Report | 01/06/2019 4:08 pm
Thank you for the purchase! ^_^
Umpenscrump Report | 01/04/2019 6:21 pm
Boyo, I love rats.
Did you do the cut and tie method for the hammock?
The Unknown Name Report | 01/03/2019 8:45 pm
The Unknown Name
Thank you. You're amazing emotion_bigheart
Fractured_Unity Report | 10/21/2018 4:50 pm
they've got a forum event for Halloween in beta testing right now, it should probably go live this week.
refIet Report | 10/05/2018 4:59 pm

          its been foreverrrr!!!
yoloswag666 Report | 10/03/2018 5:15 pm
ty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. also welcome back to gaia lol ive been gone a lot lately too so i totally feel ur despair at the new items n like oofff is it even worth it to get back in ..........