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Dulcinea Lunaris (Sweetheart of the Moon)

With romance given towards thine Luna
Flames of rage flicker 'tween flora
Of crimson ties and solemn shades
A love forgiven, a single spade.

A stone embedded in upturned dirt
Tattered, red, a blood stained shirt.
A final casting, of rose towards dears
The hollow pain of unshed tears.

Pitch the casket of unrequited love!
Curse them below and of above!
Send to them your past fears!
And cradle softly, memorable years.

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I'm on xbox live now.
Still Deugaro though, lemme know if you want me online, I can be contacted via messenger.



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Last Login: 04/12/2011 7:10 pm

Gender: Male

Location: In the Shrine

Birthday: 08/05/1990

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Aeros Endeem Report | 08/04/2009 8:33 am
Aeros Endeem
Hwy Deugaro! Happy early birthday! x3
Faithful desires Report | 03/02/2009 5:25 pm
Faithful desires
OMG! how can you be outa pocky! that should be a crime in 17 states, and 18 territorys

remember me...?
Pocky Game Report | 12/13/2008 9:52 pm
Pocky Game


that comment you left on my journal was harsh.

Aeros Endeem Report | 12/08/2008 8:10 pm
Aeros Endeem

That big thing again? Seriously! XD
Pocky Game Report | 11/28/2008 11:12 pm
Pocky Game

*hits you twice with Ike's sword*

better? Or this?

Pocky Game Report | 11/28/2008 10:38 pm
Pocky Game
?!'re being completely random!

*hits you with Marth's sword* =3

snap out of it! x3
Pocky Game Report | 11/28/2008 10:37 pm
Pocky Game
?!'re being completely random!

*hits you with Marth's sword* =3

snap out of it! x3
Pocky Game Report | 11/28/2008 10:15 pm
Pocky Game

D< where did that come from?!
Pocky Game Report | 11/28/2008 10:10 pm
Pocky Game

okay. xD
Pocky Game Report | 11/28/2008 9:56 pm
Pocky Game


...Me... and him.

One thing... NO GLOMPING!

Said glomps are dangerous for Deugaro!

Holy water is to zombies, as kind human contact is to Deugaro!

Very, very bad!

Age: 33
Sex: Male
Height: 6 ft 2 in
Weight: 150 Lbs
Race: Phoenican
Class: Assassin
Rank: Captain

Motto: Slow to live, quick to die.

Appearance: Tall and sleek with a noticable air of professionalism following in his silent footsteps, one could believe he would disappear if you blinked. Deugaro displays the absolute height of silent killing in the world of assassinations, brought on by years of lonliness and his power of dakoon he became emotionally numb and thus able to kill without remorse or pity. His long raven hair flows freely down his back stopping just below the shoulderblades, while stray hairs hang limply over his tattered red headband. underneath his shirt is a pair of carefully arranged red wings that imitate a red muscle shirt and can only be proven wrong if one was to run their hands over them. His skin is darkened from the strong sunlight that warmed his bare body when he was eight and younger.

If one took a single glance at him you would assume he was just another "tough guy" coming to cause trouble. This is quickly proven incorrect as he quietly slips around crowds, disturbingly red eyes almost lazily keeping tabs on everything happening around him, a must in his line of work. People generally tend to avoid him if at all possible, only interacting with the assassin if absolutely necessary.

Clothing: His clothing is rather strange at first glance, as he wears a pair of dark pants that fit loosely providing freedom of movement, a dark shirt that sags slightly from it's tucked in position. He wears a pair of dark boots that look rather clumsy and heavy but he can run silently in them all the same. He also wears a dark crimson cloak that has a button at the top to hold it together and an additional strap underneath that and thick buckles on the shoulders to hold weaponry and traveling gear. Now wearing dark clothing would be beneficial in his job but where would the cloak come in?
Bright colors attract the eye, a diversion tactic.
He also wears an old red headband that has been worn down over the years that hides a terrible wound that never healed correctly. He wears no armor except for his left hand that is encompassed by a gauntlet. This piece of armor is the only container for his tainted left hand, that holds such a strong poison that he can cause someone to rot with a single touch. It is a simplistic black color with only a small hood of metal reaching up to the middle of his forearm. Underneath that hood is a series of spining locking mechanisms that ensure the metal stays on.
He carries no known weapon, prefering his summoned weapons instead. He uses whatever is best for the situation, though more commonly using his "Darkchains".
Being dakoon weaponry he can control their trajectory and force them to perform feats that could only exist in the most cruel of minds.

Bio: A phoenican forbidden to rise.

(Work in progress)

I don't care what you're doing, so much as the idiotic way you're doing it.

Naruhina fans rejoice! this is a tear jerking story that keeps both characters in perspective.

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What do you mean...