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The method to the madness

Well, I'm finally getting around to editing what was a pile of crap to something semi informative about myself.

I am a 21 year old female leaving on the east coast of the US with dreams of becoming a voice actress, and have already done a few projects with some people. Ask me if you want to see.

I also do Let's Plays on my personal youtube channel. My current projects are Star Fox Adventures and Kirby and the Crystal Shards.

I love playing video games, but I don't have a favorite game, since I enjoy playing a variety, so asking me that question is kind of invalid. I have a Wii and PS2 and a 3DS.

I don't watch too much T.V but I do enjoy Game Shows and The Food Network. As for anime, I like ones that have a plot and in which the characters are believable. Things like Bleach and Lucky Star...ALL MY HATE THOSE FREAKING OVERUSED- *takes second to breathe* Okay. Those over watched and over praised Anime I never have enjoyed and never will. My current favorite is Le Chevalier D'Eon, a historical fictional anime about the French Revolution from the eyes of D'Eon de Bomounte. Because I like it so much, I tend to rant, so pardon me.

My taste in music is questionable. I listen to a little rock, not metal, cause I have sensitive ears and all that screamo hurts them. I have taken a liking to dubstep, but my main thing is music from Video Games, Soundtracks, and what I like to call "Extreme Classical" music. I could go on.

As for the random pictures I have sprawled around my profile, well, these are either characters whom I like or are important to me. Some are edits I have done to original pictures (All credit to the original artists, of course). Others are characters I really like from games or anime. If you wanna use one, or have a question, ask away. Though if you're going to use one, please let me give you the run down first. Thank you.

One thing people don't seem to understand about me is that I am very strict to rules, and how they should be followed. I also don't enjoy characters being butchered to the point where I can't stand their face anymore. A few characters have been like that for me, and frankly, I don't blame the character, but the person RPing them. Anyway, people say I am a b*tch or obuse my power when made a vice. Well, that is untrue. Being strict and being mean are two different things. I can assure you I am not a mean person, ask my friends, they know me.

For now, I think that's it. If you have any further questions, ask away. If I'm in a good mood, I'll answer them. I hope you enjoy the profile.



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Alliecat298 Report | 05/12/2016 11:23 am
Happy Birthday!!
Sweet Flirtatious Blood Report | 03/27/2015 9:20 am
Sweet Flirtatious Blood
How ya been?
Tenari Senbo Report | 03/01/2015 8:23 pm
Tenari Senbo
I really want to make a red headed, middle aged guy with a thick Irish accent guy now after reading what you put next to Grounds Keeper ._.
Tenari Senbo Report | 02/22/2015 8:54 pm
Tenari Senbo
I come here for the dancing Yoshi's ._. That is all...
Sweet Flirtatious Blood Report | 07/30/2014 9:15 pm
Sweet Flirtatious Blood
It's been a while, how are you?
Alliecat298 Report | 05/12/2014 7:44 pm
Happy birthday!
curagaheart Report | 04/25/2012 8:50 pm
You do let's plays!? That's very interesting.
Wings of Requiem Report | 04/17/2012 1:50 am
Wings of Requiem
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Remember that whenever you're about to have your emo moments.
Great Lord Wulvengar Report | 02/22/2012 1:13 pm
Great Lord Wulvengar
Just wanted to say that I replied to your post ^w^
Xion-Angelic-Wolf Report | 02/21/2012 8:59 pm
How are you doing?



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