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Hey there, the names Soren (Danny to those in the real world) and don't go forgetting it either!
I'm not going to say much just that I'm 22 and I love anything to do with anime and video games. I'm actually in College to being a Video Game Programmer and 2014 will be my last year of schooling before I can officially call myself a game programmer. .... Which has happened the fact that I graduated , now time to find a job to make games!

My fav. game to date is Kingdom Hearts and you can't forget the old fashion Spyro...the new Spyro is nothing compared to the first 3 games in the series...if you have not played the first 3 games then you missed out on some awesome gaming, Anyways that's my little spell on gaming...oh I almost forgot to add this but I have Pokemon games all DS versions and I do have wi-fi, if you wanna battle/trade I'd be happy to just give me a shout.

Now moving on...I can't quiet pick an anime that I love because I've seen a lot and the ones that I've seen I think are awesome. Also on the list of anime that

The Anime that I've watched is: Naruto, Bleach(gave up watching), Inuyasha, Black Cat, Wolf Rain, D.N.Angel, Eureka Seven, Ouran High School Host club, Fruits Basket, Gundam seed, Naruto Shippuuden(gave up watching) Gundam seed destiny, Guilty Crown, FullMetal alchemist, case closed(seen some, read more), Pokemon(been watching it since I was 5 so I can't let go of it)*hugs pikachu plush*, Digimon(same thing with digimon as it was for pokemon, seen season 7 jap version...English version don't think it will be that great but I'll have to see), and the whole bunch of other anime that seems to have slipped my mind....

Anyways this is me, feel free to PM me!

Here on Gaia I have made lot's of friends and out of the randomness of life we are all like family. My Gaia family all happens to be in the guild I'm running so could say I'm the strict older sister and head of the family. I have Baka-chan (still2doll) as my little sister and real world best friend! Only I, her Onee-tama, can call her Baka-chan she can only call me Onee-tama! She tends to like to steal my made up bad words such as jerkle, jack arse and fruck and then laugh at them but I don't care it's a funny connection. Then there is my lovely guild member siblings. I have to be their strict older sister at times but you got to have rules in order to operate the world and this online one as well. I don't connect with them the way Baka-chan does but I still consider them my siblings I hope they think the same way. 8D

Then there is my Real World friends, oooo! Yes the RW is so very scary but my RW friends make going though it all the more brighter!

So we have (dogle_puppy) Jazz, (C Linnea) Carmen , (Exollenc) Colleen, and (Echo Ligeia) Amanda. All my RW friends here on Gaia! Wahoo friends! I have to say it took awhile for them to all join in the gaia fun but hey, better late then never guy's! cool


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Akira.S Report | 11/01/2012 5:07 am
Aw thanks for the comment lala~
Miss you too :3
still2doll Report | 07/08/2012 10:24 pm
Hiiiii! heart
LilCUPIIDXX Report | 05/07/2012 8:38 pm
posted :3
Hestia59674 Report | 03/16/2012 7:51 pm
C Linnea Report | 10/21/2010 4:42 pm
Lol I am quitting Gaia.
Gumby Ningata Report | 08/18/2010 4:06 am
cool avi
C Linnea Report | 08/16/2010 9:53 am
YAY ty so much, you're a life saver <3 XD
C Linnea Report | 08/15/2010 11:50 am
Dannnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do you have a Satin Hairbow i can borrow? biggrin
C Linnea Report | 07/24/2010 8:04 am
you too! but i'm just wondering where your pants are. XD
SungaMai Report | 07/07/2010 11:22 am
lol, so what are you up to today ?


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