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Report | 07/23/2008 10:56 am

Crazy Rainbow Star

YOu thought that?! -flattered- Most people judge me as younger cause im hyper sometimes xD

Lols -hides- No not the fire Hao >< xD

Who ya doing for London then?

My ideal list is:

Saturday- Nami thriller Bark, Ball- Tsubasa Sakura

Sunday- Lenalee then Sailor Neptune xD
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Report | 07/22/2008 9:37 am

Crazy Rainbow Star

Haha unlucky

Are you in year 10 then? -sorry if mistaken-

Im very lucky i got no work but my best friend did she's mad i didnt xDDDD

Im going into my 2nd year at college =D
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Report | 07/21/2008 9:09 am

Crazy Rainbow Star

How are you? ^^
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Report | 07/20/2008 11:38 am

Crazy Rainbow Star

-jumps you-

Heys <3
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Report | 07/19/2008 4:21 pm


o-o You're driving?

[To be fair, I actually know how to drive, thanks to SA... everybody there knows how to drive when they're 10 xD]

*sticks out tongue* All gone! Unless you wanna make me throw up... in which case I'm outta here DDD=

*gasp* There's a Death Note Novel?! And I still need to get volumes 11, 12 and 13.. which I hope to do with my £10 book voucher and FB's 2 for 3 manga >DD Which reminds me, are you coming down or not?
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Report | 07/19/2008 3:43 pm


But but I'm too young to drive! That's not my van, honest! ;_; *quickly eats sweetie*

Yeah! =D It's like a Death Note where you never run out of pages! ='D
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Report | 07/19/2008 8:37 am


Yaaaaaaay! How did you know those were my favourite? =D

And yeah, it is pretty nifty, but I agree, I prefer the Windows one xD Although the Gaia one is pretty cool as you get to keep blowing up Gambino's house 8'D
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Report | 07/19/2008 5:27 am


*glares suspiciously* Whether or not I comply with your request depends on the type and quality of the sweetie

Indeed xD I still love the puzzles <3
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Report | 07/18/2008 4:03 pm


ZOMG DDDD= POLICE! POLICE! STALKER! AAAARGH! *runs around wildly in circles*

I dunno. I like the new pinball game, that's fun ='D It's more of a time-wasting thing really, don't think I'm properly coming back XD
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Report | 07/18/2008 11:48 am


No you may NOT spam my profile...heeeey! your avvy changed XD
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Report | 07/16/2008 3:15 pm


NYAHAHAHA! There's no escaping meeeeeeeee! I know where you liiiive >D And I know what you did last summer >D

Hehehe, I'm saving up for them now xDDD I've only got 1k G ;_;
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Report | 07/15/2008 2:29 pm


You got it right first time. I'm your uber obsessed stalker, remember?

Hehe, most probably. I think I gave it all to onii-sama x3
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Report | 07/15/2008 8:30 am



I've only come back for the forum and the puzzle thing to be honest. I gave all of my gold and items away xDDD I practically have nothing ;_;
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Report | 07/14/2008 6:51 am


Guess who's back on Gaaaaaaiaaaaaaaa ;D
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Report | 07/04/2008 1:37 pm


No, Fi. No...

That was necessary, it really was.
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Report | 07/04/2008 8:47 am

I like men alot alot alot

i love things that u r wereing it is so hot User Image
I like men alot alot alot's avatar

Report | 07/04/2008 8:46 am

I like men alot alot alot

i love things that u r wereing it is so hot
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Report | 06/16/2008 11:25 am


i know. actually i've managed to get some work experience on Blood Brothers for the summer. dressing and the such like. and there's a possibility i might be able to do Dirty Dancing too! ^^

that's until the part time course i wanna do starts in january. ^^
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Report | 06/16/2008 6:44 am


me too! i use: >< and ^^ and >3< and XD WAAAAAAY too much! XD but it makes for a more interesting read! ^^ I'm good also. really tired for the same reason as you but from playing poke on diamond instead! but it was my last day of college today so i'm feeling a little down. nver mind though. what are you doing still reading this comment? Go revise!!! XD
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Report | 06/15/2008 12:13 pm


Nekooooo~ Hallooooo! yes it IS hexi from the island! sorry i haven't gotten your comment befuur! XD how ya doing? ^^
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