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Oh, hello there! My name's Kairi. I currently live on Destiny Islands with my very good friends Sora and Riku. We have many adventures together, and while sometimes there are others who want to split us apart, our bond will always be whole.

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I do have another friend, and her name is Selphie. She's always there for me when Sora and Riku are gone, and I feel I can tell her almost anything. She's stuck by me through thick and thin, and I do the same for her.

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Thank you for visiting! I'll manage...somehow.


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Ang3ls N Heaven Report | 10/16/2020 6:01 am
Ang3ls N Heaven
thank you for buying, love the avi heart
Eliskuya Thurwolf Report | 10/14/2020 2:40 am
Eliskuya Thurwolf
hey kairi, long time no see
Eliskuya Thurwolf Report | 12/27/2019 6:04 am
Eliskuya Thurwolf
happy birthday princess
Eliskuya Thurwolf Report | 10/14/2019 6:05 pm
Eliskuya Thurwolf
hey kairi, long time no see
King Ventus 30 Report | 02/22/2019 6:59 pm
King Ventus 30
hello Kairi how are you doing today?
Eliskuya Thurwolf Report | 02/04/2019 12:01 pm
Eliskuya Thurwolf
"hi kairi"
Hasegawa Miharu Report | 02/03/2019 9:51 am
Hasegawa Miharu
I mean the acceptance of my invite that is biggrin
Hasegawa Miharu Report | 02/03/2019 9:49 am
Hasegawa Miharu
Thank you for the invite! biggrin
Eliskuya Thurwolf Report | 05/23/2018 1:06 am
Eliskuya Thurwolf
redface I know but I was just checking out your uniform, reminds me of my twin sister, yet I hope you find sora, and maybe I can talk to him and befriend him too. but hey I really missed talking to you sad my friend
Eliskuya Thurwolf Report | 05/22/2018 9:44 am
Eliskuya Thurwolf
Kairi, you are beautiful redface


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"There are many worlds. But they share the same sky.
One sky. One destiny."

(RP account)


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