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Occupation: Ummm, I clean the barn sometimes, is that considered an occupation???

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Hey! what's up!? I know! TEKTEK FAILED! so I can't get my quest bar up...
Please donate or buy things from my shop, help in any form is appreciated!

Don't forget to tap & grab my booty! :3
Post a comment on what you got (in the aquarium please)!


About me!

Hey peoplez!!! What up!? *looks up* oh duh, the sky! :3
Everyone calls me the cat girl, cuz I've got 4 cats, I act like a cat - I hiss at people, bat playfully at grasses and bugs.... and my signature (handwritten) includes a Kitty Face! :3 Cats aren't the only animals I have though, I have 2 horses, 15 chickens, a dog, and then the 4 cats.

I have a temper. I get angry easily. I don't work well in groups. I dislike most people (except my awesome friends) I hate shopping (never thought you would hear a girl say that would you!?)... Ummm my favorite colors are Red and Black...I love to read, play Gaia, listen to music, and play video games. My lucky number is 13...

Important dates in my life: October 31st - Halloween! My most favorite of all holidays. Any Friday the 13th's - Cuz that's my lucky number!


OKAY! I owe my friend alot here, so im trading her some fish and bugs and ink and paper and other things! DO NOT BUY THEM OR I WILL SEND MY GHOSTS TO HAUNT YOU!


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My Journal!

I'll put a few things in here, but don't expect daily things.

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FATTY_TB Report | 11/29/2009 12:32 am
Icepopsical Report | 09/23/2009 1:18 pm
wow anna yu look like yu came from hawaii lol
weirdgirl012 Report | 09/22/2009 4:48 pm
WTFT i hate ur coconut bra
MidniteSoulHunter Report | 09/21/2009 1:02 pm
umm who r yu o.0 yu might be one of savonika's friend im sry but she gave me this acc so hai and yep that is BLEACH btw im rowan but savonika calls me torii lol
weirdgirl012 Report | 09/10/2009 2:09 pm
weirdgirl012 Report | 09/08/2009 12:57 pm
fine!!!! i'll wear all pink for a few days!!!! User Image User Image but im not going to like it
weirdgirl012 Report | 09/07/2009 8:29 am
sooo now ur wearing pink and black??? well be that way
faery nuff Report | 08/17/2009 7:42 am
faery nuff
3nodding I get a lot of people asking me the same quesion, I really should have a go at this runescape everyone's on about. That and asking if I've ever read the Xanth novels by Piers Anthony, apparently there's a FairyNuff in one of those too, been looking all over to try and find a copy but failing miserably at the moment!
I picked the name cause I'm prone to saying Fair Enough quite a lot, lol, that and I'm a real life fairy! wink
faery nuff Report | 08/16/2009 6:27 pm
faery nuff
lol, no, I was Fairy~Nuff YEARS before I even heard of runescape wink
Icepopsical Report | 08/11/2009 10:55 am
huh? why i like it i wanna change it again lol

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