yo it's me Rachael or bunny your choice I love to watch scary movies and tell scary stories. Lol.My favorite color is RED, PURPLE, and BLACK. I'm very addicted to VAMPIRES; they're very AWESOME I find myself being cold-hearted and bossy at times. <--Only if you make me act like one. As in "bossy"? I'm a born leader so I do get bossy.<--- To ME that is. =D MUSIC is a part of my life which I can't live without! You can also call me "HYPE" because I usually am. <--An IDIOT too. I can be weird sometimes okay maybe a lot! (^_^) I'm so nice to my cousins and i love to have fun....One Day ... i will be able to fly across the ocean... that is my biggest dream...to have wings and watch over my family o yea one more thing you should know about me. my personality is coldhearted, clever, brutal, belligerent, gluttonous, stern, calculating, confident, short-tempered has no sense of whatsover, bold, thoughtful, calm, fearless, strategist and not a girl you should make mad