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Derres Sinn_89


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Birthday: 05/31/1989

The Veronicas - Faded


You don't need to know. If you do then good for you


waiter person, full time student at JSCJ, full time parent, and full time nutcase! wow i keep busy don't I? hehehehe

Where do I live:
in my own little world were I'm happy and calm.

My hobbies:
I read everything from books to manga to things I find on the Internet, if it's good I'll read it. I also do water color or any other art thing I can think of. surfing, skateboarding, soccer, and roller blading, playing with my kid, and i love to write. I also love talking on the phone. I'm a phone whore!

Favorite TV shows:
Sadly I don't watch That much because if my 5 year old son. So mostly whats on are Disney, Nick, Cartoon Network, and PBS kids. but when I do get the TV it's Bones, House and CSI, dancing with the stars, and a few others

OK I am not going to name all the moves I like. One because there is too many, Two because I don't know all the names, and Three because I'm two lazy but my favorite move right now is When dreams may come (sad movie but you got to love it!)

I love anything. as long as it has a good beat. I don't like 99.9% of rap or hip hop it has it's good sides but not likely. My favorite band is Three Days Grace.

i love the beach; walking on it or surfing. i love suckers and popsicles (i don't have a problem). I love dancing. i like meeting new people.

i hate people who think they are better then everyone else. I hate staying still. i hate the silence. i hate the sun and very bright areas(but there are rare moments)

other fun facts:
I have 12 piercings. 4 in each ear, one in the right side of my nose, right side of my lip, eyebrow, and one i won't tell. do the math that's 12! I love to RP so if you want to try one on one Roll playing just PM me. I'm gay and i really don't give a s**t what people say about it because I find the name calling and rude comments funny. I have a hot temper and can get mad easily. I'm out going and really don't care what you look like or how you act but if you tick me off I will be blunt. I have close friends that i care about with all my heart you piss them off and you have me to deal with. anything else or if you fine me interesting just PM me.

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my stories and characters i make up

just stories i write. comment if you like.

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do these pants my butt look big?

I may look sweet but I can kick a**

you want a piece of me?

you broke my sword!

the other me! lol

potion? no...why would you think that?

you finally awaken my love

Sorry to keep you waiting