I am a 16 yr old rocker look for a good time wiv friends i hav long blond hair blue eyes and a fun preson to be wiv and talk 2. I go to lots of gigs get drunk alot but i do smoke but am quiting and its going well. I hav 3 best m8t that i will tell any think 2, they r Max Biddle, Simon Parsons and Darral Dixson. I am currently single but am on the lookout 4 a nice girl to be with and is friendly. Me, Max and Darral all play an instrement and r forming a band.
Max - Drums.
Darral - lead and ryhem guitar.
Me - lead guitar.
I want to get a good job and loving family and a good home. U can e-mail me at chrisrockz@hotmail.co.uk


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