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Hmm... I don't know where to start, I mean, do you even know who you're talking to?Any Idea biggrin ? It's sorta a big deal. I'm Denvix (for those of you who do not know my real name.)I'm 15 and well...I'm insane.Not psycho insane but random insane. I'm a short, black, game nerd who won't hesitate to set the world record for the farthest a size-seven shoe has been shoved up someone's a$$ if they mess with me. Oh and for those of you who still insist on trying, I have several of friends who won't hesitate to take a brick, stick, or otherwise lethal force and smash your head in. Plus, I'm the son of a nurse so... yeah....Anyway, on a lighter note, I draw, I RP, I watch and play many things and I'm easy enough to get along with. And now that introductions are out of the way, Let's have a little fun... biggrin
This is a list of all the people whom I want to give a big fat middle finger to.Note that some of these people are fictional characters
1.First off, Justin Beiber. You music sucks, and frankly gets really annoying when EVERY SINGLE GIRL IN MY CLASS STARTS SINGING IT! Stop while you're ahead,or lose your head, either one is fine with me. twisted
2.Edward Cullen. You are not a vampire. You are not even close to a synonym of vampire. You and all the rest of the sparkly things who call themselves vampires can go forth and fornicate with thyself in yonder field with a 20 foot pole!!(And for those of you who don't know what I just said, look up the word fornicate.The rest of the sentence will become clear)
3.Twilight Fangirls. I don't mind twilight fans, alot of my friends enjoy twilight, but I don't enjoy the rabid fangirls who shove it in my face 24/7 telling me it's the second bible. Just enloy your book, or die in a failed carbomb.
4.Toad(Super Mario Bros.) In addition to being useless and haunting gamers with the "sorry your princess is in another castle" bit, you guys have been giving gamers the middle finger for 20 years!(seriously, zoom in on an old sprite of Toad and you'll see.)
5.Tingle(Legend of Zelda)Wtf man. You scarred me for life... why? just why?
6. My haters. Lots of people have haters.(some don't even know it)I can't even bring myself to hate you guys for two reasons,1. you're not even worth my time or my scorn.2. your presence means I'm doing something right.
7.Teen mothers.Ok let me elaborate, I don't want to give the finger to all teen mothers, just the ones who didn't want a baby and had sex knowing they would risk it. all I have to say is... yea...good luck with that one...
8.Rapists. Does raping someone really make you feel like a man? Or are you just such a loser that you can't get some any other way? You guys are disgusting and NEED TO STOP! You guys disgust me.
9.My Uncle.(Who shall remain unnamed) You really screwed up this time.... I can't even bring myself tell these nice people what you did.You're,man...
11.Soulja Boy. Dude, shut before I crank my hand upside you head!
12.Sepiroth(Final Fantasy) Look here mommas boy, die when I tell you to die! and stay die! You have to much HP and I don't even have the patience to take all of it.
13.Dr.Eggman(sonic the Hedgehog) Just like Sepiroth,WHEN I TELL YOU TO DIE, STAY DIE! Oh and would you mind shutting up once in a while? You're the reason why I don't play most of my sonic games anymore!And to make matters worse, unlike bowser,ganon, and meta knight, your plans suck more than Kirby.(lols)
14. Redeads(Zelda series) How dare you guys scream before I do! I mean come on, you're the rotting corpses that try to rape people not me!Oh and a special note for the windwaker redeads,stop eating your comrades! it be creepy...I will exempt the dance team redeads from the middle finger only because they dance when you wear their mask.(I find it hilarious)
15.Kuja(Final Fantasy 9) you heartless bi***. I'm not really angry about what he did in ff9.I'm actually more pissed about his behavior in Dissidia. He joins up with the dark side for one thing. On top of that, Bartz didn't deserve the trap Kuja set.(especially since it was made for Zidane) but what really made me hate him was after I beat the living sh** out of him I tried to stop him from disappearing into oblivion but when Zidane offers him the help he smacks his hand away and fades saying he'd rather die then live on without evil. SO in the nutshell he committed suicide just to avoid being a hero! what a dumbass!
16.Beldam(Not to be confused with the pokemon Beldum, this one's from Paper Mario) Besides treating her youngest sister like grade A crap,her ice attacks got really annoying.(How the hell can you freeze a bomb-omb?)Also she's just one of people who needs to STAY DIE!
17.Unitoligists(Dead Space) Ok I've heard of people dying for thier religeon(Jesus Christ) but these guys were stupid with it. First they completely destroy christianity, then they lead a mass suicide/homicide because "death is calling them."And worse yet their so called god is actually a virus that convinces them to kill themselves and then reanimates their dead bodies by changing thier DNA into something foul.They can't even be called human!you can't even truly call them zombies because there just a virus using dead bodies as host9s...but worst of all, is the fact that THEY SAW IT COMING!I've heard some dumb stuff but these people were... well, I won't even insult retards by calling them retards!
18. Doctor Hojo(Crisis Core) sure, he's gives you some of the best repeatable missions but that doesn't make up for what he did. He insults your intelligence (despite the fact that you save his life twice)and when he thinks you're dead, instead of letting everyone find out that you're alive, he takes your lifeless body,(and Cloud's) and soaks you in mako pods for experimentation. When you wake up you bust out(and free Cloud) as it turns out, Cloud get's Mako addiction from that,(It's sorta like a mix of radioactive poisoning and a crack addiction.)which puts him in a sort of coma. the sad fact is, if Cloud didn't get mako addicted He could have helped Zack fight against the army that Dr. Hojo sent to kill his"escaped experiments"(aka Zack and Cloud) so really Zack's death, is all his fault!
20. The five saints of Wutai(crisis core) I used Libra on these guys and fouind out that they have 66666 HP. wanna know sepiroth's HP?25000.Wanna know my HP? 5324! They are yet another bunch of people who need to DIE! and stay die at that.
21.Mrs.Hayes This person is real, she also a real bi*** she was the assisstant principle at my school last year.She will literally write you up for no reason.(I'm not kidding, she really did write up someone for no reason) NOt only that but I personally hate her because when I got i n trouble last year she celebrated when I was sent to her office. Her reason? She had been asking me "can I write you up yet?" for the past month. Just because one time I pulled out the code of conduct and corrected her on something while she was trying to write me up. OH and just to tell you, she hates freshmen.( no literally one of my friends actually asked her about it and she said, she hated freshmen.
Ok, there's the list. If you disagree with any of this, go ahead and complain but I guarantee I won't listen.and if you are on this list, then don't even bother, just take your middle finger with dignity. dramallama

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Narabellum Report | 02/06/2012 9:43 pm
Yw. Ty for the feedback. I appreciate it :3 yum_puddi
wolfgirl2009 Report | 01/22/2012 7:28 pm
yes, yes i just adorable and they luv meh
The Voice Behind The Mask Report | 01/15/2012 7:05 pm
The Voice Behind The Mask
haha alright
The Voice Behind The Mask Report | 01/15/2012 6:54 pm
The Voice Behind The Mask
hahah maybe in a lil while bro im having this big argument with a guy and i want to tell him off and prove im right
Smurf village Report | 01/14/2012 11:06 pm
Smurf village
??? I dont get that... o.o
Shilshadu Report | 01/13/2012 4:18 pm
*poke* go check your mail.
devil stardust Report | 01/12/2012 2:59 pm
devil stardust
thanks and if you need any help just ask 3nodding
Shilshadu Report | 01/10/2012 8:22 pm
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Smiles are like Rainbows...

I'm going to sleep. night

It's Magical when you see a real one.

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Shilshadu Report | 01/10/2012 7:41 pm
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Smiles are like Rainbows...


It's Magical when you see a real one.

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Shilshadu Report | 01/10/2012 7:28 pm
They say...

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night bro.
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That's because... for me, you DID


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