Yeah... well where do I start here? ...
I am a person in real life; not some vampire or some alleged werewolf I'm just a plain human just like the rest of you people.
I do martial arts classes from time to time but in my recent years I have picked up ninjitsu not ninjutsu for all of you narutards out there. I do have a tendency to teleport occasionally but it is nothing that concerns you. I am sometimes random which at times may involve crayons and paper masks and scaring small children.
I am a scientist and i specialise in the science of AWESOME. ((ha ha Mr.Pegler you useless twin chinned sorry excuse for a teacher)).
I am straight and I am certain I don't like boys.
I am PRO Life I dislike all emos. If they are going to keep cutting and not dieing just give me the knife and I will gladly cut out the middle man.
I enjoy role playing a bit so if you see me around in the forums you will know what I am doing there

Shout outs to:
Shenhan Inferno, for being the man
Denning-do, for sitting at my table
Mr. Pegler, I'm going to kill you first
Ugly old lady, for refilling my drinks

If you would like to be shouted at like the people above just send me a pm and a reason why and you might get put up.

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