• March 13, 2019

      Another few years has passed. Checking how this placed has changed every now and then but wow has it gone downhill. For those who go way back with me or just interested in knowing what I'm up to artistically, you can contact me now via Discord at Aeriessy#9844. Been playing Recolor.Me instead.

      February 5, 2016

      Wow, it has been so darn long. I hope all of you are doing well! For those who want to keep in contact, please feel free to like my Facebook Page. All the likes are appreciated if you want to follow my art progress. (: I sign on here maybe once in 2 years so... probably best to message me there. Or on Skype.

      October 5, 2013

      Hey guys. I've been in school and doing well, for those of you who are curious. I've been visiting every now and then to say hi to friends and to buy art. So never fear, I will be around! I won't completely disappear on you guys.
      I will start taking profile commissions for RL money. Add me on Skype at "Demynxis". Any comments? Please comment me.

      August 4, 2013

      I'm going to be quitting Gaia! It's my time. Gaia has been really frustrating for me and stopping me from reaching my full potential in the real world. I'm selling most of my items here. Do NOT ask for donations. I will start taking profile commissions for RL money. Add me on Skype at "Demynxis". Any comments? Please comment me. Not PM!

      July 21, 2013

      Opened my birthday event! Go and visit it. There is art for simply posting a nice post style saying "Happy Birthday". And for crazy generous birthday gifts, there is a raffle to potentially win a profile from me. Go check it out, it doesn't hurt to post and potentially win art and gold. <3 Any comments? Please comment me. Not PM!

      July 20, 2013

      Finally finished with this profile! It actually looked a lot different than this. I totally redid all of it. Took me exactly 2 weeks on and off to finish it. I hope you guys like it. <3 You can check out my favorite older profiles all the way at the bottom.

      Any comments? Please comment me. Not PM!

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    • My profile is best viewed in Firefox or Google Chrome!
      If you have Internet Explorer... get out. That's a horrible browser.

      Audie has quit Gaia on August 4, 2013.

      Name: Audie
      Formerly known as: Demynxis and Demyki
      Instant messenger: Only Skype (Audiessy)
      Three random facts: I'm a terrible liar, I have no tolerance for cold, and I have a weird obsession with proper spelling and grammar.
      Find Me: Not on Gaia anymore. Add me on Discord at Aeriessy#9844. Tell me who you are and that you're from Gaia!
      ● Animal: Cats. I have two.
      ● Gaia items: Lucky the Cat, Lovely Lucie (the lashes), Zodiacal, Horns of the Demon, Kanoko items (Kanoko’s Dark Reflection, Kanoko’s Nightmares, Kanoko’s Illusions, SDPlus Kanoko Doll, SDPlus Majoko Mariko)
      ● Movies: Pixar and Studio Ghibli films
      ● Food: Sushi. The kind with raw tuna, salmon, a bit of cucumber, and avocado wrapped in rice and seaweed, dipped in soy sauce with Sriracha sauce.
      ● Chips: Takis Fuego, the purple bag.
      ● Dessert: Strawberries with Nutella
      ● Drinks: Thai Tea with boba, warm sweetened soymilk, and Arizona Ice Tea (Sweet Tea)
      ● Lines: "That's unfortunate", "Ain't no one got time for that", "Life of a gamblahh~"

      Quotes from people, lol:
      User Image
      User Image If i could put my heart in the trade i would

      User Image User Image My favorite little asian, we have been friends for about
      4 years now? Possibly more who knows. Thank you so
      much for always being there no matter what happens,
      and whatever I do. You have been there for me through
      the good, the bad, and the ugly. I have met you IRL
      multiple times, and have created some great memories
      with each other. From going to Sea World and meeting..
      odd people on roller coasters, to me loosing my favorite
      hat in the Pacific Ocean. *cries deeply* Ha, just kidding.
      But I will never forget our first Skype call, and you told
      me you were asian and I couldn't even deal. But seriously,
      you have been one of my best friends on site for a long
      time, and hopefully many more years to come. Love you
      Audrey aka my little gung hay fat choy. xoxo

      User Image User Image I love you Audie
      and you make me smile every time I talk to you and you
      always cheer me up when I'm down and it makes me
      happy that you care about me.

      User Image User Image Audie, I WANNA MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE YOU'RE

      User Image
      User Image audie- talented and very easy to get along with,
      nice and kind with a wild fun side to her

      User Image
      User Image i'm literally so glad i met you and i love you for
      being an amazing friend so far in our relationship

      I miss tinychatting with you guys.
      Will be added to as time goes on, hehe.
      User Image

      Town misadventures:
      User Image

      User Image

      You are listening to:
      I thought I'd dedicate the music to kirby and have a temporary kirby theme.

      1. Married Life composed by Michael Giacchino

      That's all for now!

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    • ● I have a question, can I ask you?
      Of course! Just send me a profile comment and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

      ● Could you make me a profile?
      Sorry, but probably not. Making a profile takes me a long time. They're not premade templates, so it takes time to develop an idea. I'm like any college student, so I value my time. A profile could take up to a month for me to design, draw, and code.

      The only way to get a profile from me would probably be through auctions which I do maybe once every 2 years. My last profile auction was autobought by Inkxy with Lucky the Cat (Approximately 35mil at the time). If you're seriously desperate for one... and crazy rich on Gaia, haha, I'll consider them for offers I can't refuse like SDPlus #346 Thea the Unicorn Spirit. Thank you for showing your interest though, it means a lot to me that my work stands out. ♥

      ● What program do you use for your art/profiles?
      Photoshop. For both drawing and animating. There are tons of tutorials on Google if you want to learn. If you don't own Photoshop, here is a really great simple, free, online version of it. I code them myself with no programs, just right in the Theme Override box, and ideally use trial and error to get it how I'd like.

      ● How do you code your profiles?
      There are so many aspects of coding. The resources I use to code my profiles are listed below.
      Making graphics: Image Editor, Color Scheme
      Coding the profile: Classic Layout, Current Layout, Style Sheet, Hidden Scrolls, Custom Sections, Gaia Headers, CSS3 Generator, Border Radius

      ● How do you make your gold? Have you spent real life money?
      I make most of my gold from drawing, exchanging, or, recently, betting. I had my shop Enri for a long time. I haven't spent a penny of real life money on this game from the years I've been on. My best suggestion for you is to exchange because it's a sure fire way to make gold. You want to stick with the motto buy low and sell high. However, this does not mean you buy an item for 400k from the marketplace and try to sell it for 500k. It doesn't work like that. But you can go through the exchange, find someone selling a 400k for 300k, buy it, and then sell it in the marketplace for 100k profit (Minus tax of course). If you need more tips, shoot me a profile comment and I'd be glad to give you suggestions! As for betting, from my experience, you need a plan and a good amount of gold to bet. You need to make sure you are completely willing to lose the gold you bet. I know people who have won hundreds of millions and people who have lost hundreds of millions.

      ● Donate?
      I donate occasionally, mostly to friends. If you ask me to, I won't. If I'm in the mood and I happen to stubble upon your quest thread, sure.

      ● Can I donate to you?
      Donations are always appreciated, but never necessary! As anyone, I do have items I still want and goals that are difficult for me to accomplish. But, please think about yourself first and foremost! I will only accept gifts and donations from people I know have it to spare or really really want to. For the people who don't have it to spare, please, I want you to save up for your own goals. I would much rather see you accomplish an item you've been questing for forever than donate it to me. I have an income, I make a good wage, I make my steady living. Thank you though for considering me. If are still itching to donate, there are some amazing charities in the Charity/Quest forum, as well as elaborate and creative quest threads. ♥

      ● Can I borrow something from you?
      I only let close friends borrow my items. :3
      Borrowing from me: Trickster's Gimmick to Jorge
      Borrowing from:

    • I was inspired mostly by my adorable OC. I wanted to have her in a cutesy environment as well as practice with vector art some more. I've always wanted to make a profile full of plushies and I thought it was about time to make something that had no focus on the "sky" theme whatsoever. All of the animals drawn were suggested by different people as well as some personal favorites. Also.. that orange thing in the middle.. is not a sun! It's a pufferfish damnit!

      This profile was coded and drawn from scratch by me, Audie. Please do not steal coding and/or graphics. They were made for this profile only. I'm glad to share what I know, but stealing is absolutely not allowed.

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Demy's Journal



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Report | 07/28/2015 12:57 pm


I found your wonderful freebie store and took all the freebies! I also tipped the first post. biggrin

Report | 10/30/2014 5:30 am


Uhm, I can't post on the Demy Freebs thread but I wanted to let you know that I took some. biggrin Thank you!
Zany Liquori

Report | 03/30/2014 5:09 am

Zany Liquori

Really? That would be amazing! I'm on my phone right now but when I get to my computer I will definitely PM you!
Zany Liquori

Report | 03/27/2014 7:52 pm

Zany Liquori

Hi! I read over your profile and I know you may or may not be around, but I was wondering if 1) you ever had any interested in reopening your shop (I bought from it when it was Sprytes and I wanna buy more T^T) or 2) if you had any interest in selling off your shop items? Sorry to be a bother! ~Zany

Report | 11/20/2013 1:33 pm


I love your profile it's awesome biggrin

Report | 09/29/2013 7:31 pm


    You're very much welcome ma'am n_n
    And.. Best of luck with everything. c:

Report | 09/29/2013 2:37 am


    You're profile song and the whole of it... Simply amazing emotion_kirakira

Report | 09/08/2013 10:59 pm


Thank you for selling it to me. And don't worry I'm putting it to good use with one of my avi's

Report | 09/04/2013 12:46 am



Report | 09/02/2013 4:32 pm


Oh gurl, my first donated item was horns! heart When I joined the site! I was so happy!

You're an artist too? 8D That's awesome! I bet you'll miss some aspects of gaia when you quit though. I know I would miss a lot of the people here that I've had the pleasure of knowing. OuO I don't really do anything other than work and relax, mainly on here. I'm a little more of a homebody nowadays, so I don't go out much unless I want to catch a bite to eat or movie with the husband. 4laugh

Goblin and Mammon wings are the ones I was thinking of, I had to think what they were haha! Yeah, the archangel wings are way too big gonk

Yeah.....I wouldn't be able to get into alchemy lol I just...buy what I like...give items to friends to complete their quests and basically just lurk in towns. 3nodding

That's perfectly fine! OuO



[b:1cc3c8260e]I quit Gaia. I'm sticking around
for shits and giggles. And art.[/color:1cc3c8260e]

Check out my profile.[/color:1cc3c8260e] ♥[/color:1cc3c8260e]