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3nodding Hello people, the name is Demonlover_Kagome-Sama! 3nodding
I'm your avenge teenager looking for some fun and meeting
I'm also a nice person and a good friend to all of my peps lol.
It's been long time since I was on gaia, so please go easy on me just until I'm good at it.
I'm a HUGE fan of anime!
I love reading books also manga lol I mean how doesn't right?
Food is my life! trust me but my most favorite food is sushi and ramen. Hehe as you can tell I really like the chinese/japanese culture, very much.
I'm weird so if I talk about something you don't like, please don't judge me. I'm just anything put ordinary. ^^


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xInuYasha-HalfDemonx Report | 07/06/2011 11:12 am
Hello Kagome
Pooping Popcorn Report | 07/02/2011 11:59 am
Pooping Popcorn
hey! whatcha doin? lol
Pooping Popcorn Report | 07/02/2011 12:25 am
Pooping Popcorn
I live in Texas, and you wrote a lil what?
P.S. Have to carry o this conversation later because im tired and i've already had like 6 typos in this 1 comment and thats really unusual lol anyway night night
Pooping Popcorn Report | 07/02/2011 12:20 am
Pooping Popcorn
lol yeah
Random Topic Change: it's so hot here! exclaim
Pooping Popcorn Report | 07/02/2011 12:14 am
Pooping Popcorn
lol yeah
if you knew me IRL you would be like, 'Woah chicky...chill.' or 'Are you on crack?'
some people have their short little blonde moments...but me? i live in a blonde moment! 4laugh seriously though...
Pooping Popcorn Report | 07/02/2011 12:09 am
Pooping Popcorn
EEEEE!!!! yay! lol rofl -regains composure- cool Ahem....excuse me i kinda lost it...
Pooping Popcorn Report | 07/02/2011 12:04 am
Pooping Popcorn
well i was just looking at the guilds you joined and saw that one (because im in that guild to) And your so welcome! 4laugh rofl you wanna be my RP buddy? eek
Pooping Popcorn Report | 07/01/2011 11:58 pm
Pooping Popcorn
ohmigosh yus! i read your RP in the guild BloodLotus Academy and i like the way you put things! and nice picture to!
Pooping Popcorn Report | 07/01/2011 11:53 pm
Pooping Popcorn
hehe i love to RP about fantasy its just so much freakin fun! wink 3nodding blaugh mrgreen
Pooping Popcorn Report | 07/01/2011 11:44 pm
Pooping Popcorn
omfg thanks! lol and i know what you mean either they don't want you or the positions already filled. it sucks! burning_eyes