Silence, the calm after the storm
Embracing my tired mind
Easing transition
Yet pushing onwards

Like a cold mother's touch
It echoes through my body
Cleansing, sincere reality
Honest truth

Peace and a place to think
To pause, reflect, resolve
To manage hardships
To hope, to dream

The sharp pain of a hand to skin
It wounds, separates
Painful memories reappear
Like the silence of a blade to despair

Silence, both death and hope
Insecurity and faith, pain and healing
Neither good or bad
Just pure, unadultered silence

Losing Forever

I grip the rope between my hands
The knot held tightly round
The pristine lake with golden sands
Lay below me on the ground

The pain comes back and tires my mind
My hands are raw and bleeding
My heart is slow, my body's bind
Is holding for eternity

My final day, my final hour
My final moment on earth
I reflect my life with all my power
How much is it worth?

For all the tears and all the pain
I cannot take them back
And I will never truly gain
My life that I did lack

It was once clean, smooth and clear
Something to rely on
Just like the lake and the birds I hear
It was simple and all was one

I take a step back, ready to jump
The lake so far away
Land disappears and I hear my heart thump
As if the world is the bay

I close my eyes and pray to God
Hoping that I'll never
Have to feel or breathe again
Because I'm losing forever

Beautiful Crimson

Tears that threaten to fall
Heart that threatens to speak
The hours slowly go by
As I lay in beautiful crimson

The sound of pain filled screams
The memory of sorrow
Close my eyes to forget
As I lay in beautiful crimson

The night sky reminds me
Of loneliness and pain
Can't shake away the feeling
That binds me to this moment

All the happiness once present
Has flown out of reach
My life is slipping away
In bright, beautiful crimson

I realized too soon
The truth of my past
Realized too late
The stupidity of my act

The stars in the night sky
Are sadly shining down
Reflecting off my my beautiful
Bright pools of crimson

And as the world slips away
And my pulse starts to fade
I take a moment to smile
A smile of beautiful crimson

And in my last moments
My cheeks are stained red
As I close my eyes
Tears of beautiful crimson


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Cool profile!
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you are a b***h
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