ok well here's some pics to show everyone what i look like...
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this was the dress i wore to my semi-formal... i kinda got annoyed about half way through the dance b/c the inside lining of the dress was too short for me to dance in... heh

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heh... i was foolin around at my best friend misty's aunt's house and i was wearing her jersey and her cousin's hat... deffinately a fun weekend...

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Me and my dad shooting trap... i've got good aim...

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foolin around a lil at misty's

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Misty, me, and shannon... Misty's my best friend.... but shannon's a ******** b***h i swear... she can piss me off with pretty much anything...


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u look weird,as in lensay lohan...why do u have red eyes?????

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I love that blue dress.^^
The Lord Of Shadows Reous

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The Lord Of Shadows Reous

This is The Reous And I love all XD


It is hard to get over someone
You loved and that you lost
Or they're still there
But don't know the pain they put you through
It may take a while
But try to move on
Some simply aren't worth your tears, others are
You just need to find them