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Welcome, to my home. My username stands for Demonic-Ruler Haimaru. My friends call me by the name of Haimaru(or Hai for short, and yeah I know it means 'yes' in japanese).

The 'Ruler' part of my username is there because I have the power to summon demons and command them. You will frequently see me with my demons walking about. And if you dont see my demons, you will see my 'demonic' side pop out instead.

If you would like to see my art, email me at haiaato@gmail.com or xhaimarux@yahoo.com to request for something like a gaia pic or even a rp character. It can be payed in gaia gold or real money. Your choice. ^-^


Haimaru's Discount's

Konichiwa! The name's Haimaru!
This store is specifically for beginners or members of Gaia who are low on gold. I usually sell things that can help you in quests.
Items I sell:
~Flowers & Flower Bouquets
~Bugs, Inks, &(sometimes) Tatoos
~zOMG Recipes & (sometimes) Completed zOMG Items
~Other Cheap Items from 0-2,000 gold!
Items are always cheaper then the original sales price! And you will always have the choice of bidding or buy now!(With the exception of items 2 or lower so then you can buy them faster!)
Items usually sell uber quick, due to the fact of the item always being listing on the first page. So buy it fast!
Now if you liked your price and the gaurentees, come back ok? wink


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