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Broken Hearts And Torn Up Letters

Girl You Just Can't Dance Forever If You Wanna Make It Better

Random Babble You Won't Read. <3

We Get By Just Fine Here On Minimum Wage.

My name is Dem.
I like to dance, so if you do just get on the floor. Forget the romance. This is what music was created for.
I speak in lyrics. <3
I use "<3" way too much.
I play zomg more than I should.
I always like the guys I cannot have.
My friends mean the world to me.
My online friends are almost as close to me as my real life friends.
I am a troll. I will continue to troll until I die.
Apparently I'm cute when I'm happy or in a cuddly mood.
Talk to me hobo!
Hyde's Bloodlust was donated by my best friends for my 16th birthday.
I love you guys <3

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"Something about you screams "I take it in the a**"


"You, me, romantic candlelight dinner...and my mantis ring. That'll be hot"

"You make cute noises when you're in pain"

"My hair is a gun!"

"Speaking of porn I need to take a shower!"

"Yes I am Jesus! Just imagine him naked!"

"What did you expect me to have morals? Hell no!"

"YOU HAD SEX AT PIZZA HUT!?!" -Secret dies-

"******** me.
Right here, right now.
On the bedroom floor.
I'll rip a subway tunnel into you.
******** ME, HOLLOW."


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My addictions...

Are not going to control me anymore.

The best people I know <3

This is me!!!!
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MATTY! He is my baby step brother [okay, not really] and I love him to death. He is possibly the coolest kid under the age of 15 I know. He's the only middle school kid I can handle. I love this boy. Seriously.
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DADDY! Yes, he is my daddy. He lives in Australia and it's kinda hard to imagine that I might never meet him. He is amazing and always makes me giggle. <3 And he remembered to say "Happy Birthday" when some of my own family did not. Thank you baby.
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SECRET! Oh My God I love this fool to pieces. If anyone messes with him I seriously hurt them. He is my baby and I am protective. I love him to death and he's always there when I'm upset. I love you secret <3
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This is Hollow. He is my baby. I missed him like hell when he was gone and literally screamed when I got that text from him [I really did, ask GoldenTengoku over there]. I love him to death and I'm so glad to have my baby back.
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Signless Minions <3
Dominic <3 Kat <3 Courtnie <3 Cassie <3 Jared <3

ichihollow 21
Temporarily Schizophrenic
Sincerely Insane
Ugh its Red
Your Lia_12
Demonic Looking Angel
l am Thing 2
Hollow Melody

I used to separate my profile into real life friends and online friends. I'm closer to some online friends than I am my real life friends so I think it is stupid now. I love them all <3