Me, Myself & I

Well as you can tell my name is Sandra A. I'm not going to tell you my last name well 'cause it's none of your business... I don't mean to be harsh by the way, I just don't like giving any of my info. out. I won't risk no stalker creepy freaky dudes... or girls in some cases o.e hehe... Anyway, I guess I'll tell you what I like and don't like. I like anybody really as long as they aren't stuck up bitches (that goes for guys & girls). I hate when guys avoid girls just because they like them... (stupid ;| ) I've had experience... I can get a bit angry sometimes (rarely.) I don't like getting mad but if you push my buttons I will go off and badly... so stay on my good side. Oh, yeah... I like bubbles, puppies(who doesn't), ducky's, talking, hanging out, nice people, David Beckham yumm!, Your face bashed in (jk ^^), and you... if you let me :]

As you noticed I tend to ramble on about random stuff. xD I'm weird like that get used to it... AND LIKE IT!!! Signing off!
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I want this outfit so badly if anybody could help out that would be super dooper
xD xD xD

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