Ok so i haven't been on here in a very long time. Ive learned a lot i think about life and love. its been an overall exhilarating experience, and Ive enjoyed most of it. Even the bad times eventually seem like good times to me, my mistakes were only made to show me right from wrong. And i enjoy learning so it is good to see what i have done in the past and laugh at how stupid i sound, my last about me post sounded so arrogant, but i am not, i didn't really understand myself then. I have a better grasp of how i work now, and i am glad about that. I am not perfect as no one is, but i have learned much in the last 2 years and overall i think i did a crack up job, I'm doing better now, happier at the very least, but also I am glad i experienced what I did cause without it I wouldn't be me.